, provider of the world's most respected encyclopedia online, has awarded Zembla four stars, calling it the "ultimate resource devoted to the life and works of Vladimir Nabokov."

In naming Zembla its Best of the Net site for August 1997, The Mining Company had this to say:

"Zembla, the Nabokov Butterfly Net is a fascinating, in-depth, and pleasantly idiosyncratic site devoted to the life and works of Vladimir Nabokov developed by a group of scholars under the aegis of Pennsylvania State University Libraries. Everything from an extensive biography to photos to literary criticism."
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In June 1997, The Net magazine named Zembla its literature Site of the Month. Reviewer Cara Stimpson writes:

"In what is the simultaneously overwhelming and underwhelming time-suck of the Internet, Zembla, the Nabokov Butterfly Net, is a vitalizing illumination that will leave you, in the manner of a long, satisfying trip to the library, with a tweedy, dry-mouthed love of both life and language."
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Luckman Interactive awarded Zembla four stars.

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