This portion of Zembla includes both original and previously published criticism by some of the best known Nabokov scholars in the world. For information on the contributors, see this page. (Note that some of these articles are in Russian. Your browser must be configured to read texts using the Win 1251 standard.)

"Только пошляки ходят маятником":
подпись Набокова на холсте События

by Андрей А. Бабиков

The Informing of the Soul (Invitation to a Beheading)
by Gennady Barabtarlo

A Resolved Discord (Pnin)
by Gennady Barabtarlo

The Fledgling Fictionalist:
The Real Life of Sebastian Knight

by Michael H. Begnal

Adam Krug's Parrot
by Michael H. Begnal

Les métamorphoses de la beauté ou la jeune fille nabokovienne
by Marie C. Bouchet

'Even Homais Nods': Nabokov's Fallibility, or, How to Revise Lolita
by Brian Boyd [from Nabokov Studies #2]

Shade and Shape in Pale Fire
by Brian Boyd [from Nabokov Studies #4]

The Novel-Waltz (On the Structure of King, Queen, Knave)
by Nora Buhks

My Potential Patients: Origins, Detection, and Transference in Pale Fire and Freud's Case of the Wolf-Man
by David Cohen

Intimations of Lo:
Sirens, Joyce and Nabokov's Lolita

by Neil Cornwell

The Poerotic Novel: Nabokov's Lolita and Ada: Chapter 5 of Maurice Couturier's book, Roman et censure, ou la mauvaise foi d'Eros.

'Which is to be master' in Pale Fire
by Maurice Couturier

I, X Does Not Equal Nabokov
by Maurice Couturier

by Maurice Couturier

The Caning of Modernist Profaners: Parody in Despair
by Alexander Dolinin

The Signs and Symbols in Nabokov's "Signs and Symbols"
by Alexander Dolinin

Pushkinian Subtexts in Nabokov’s Invitation to a Beheading
by Alexander Dolinin

Musical Analogies in The Defense
by Alexander Drescher

A Reading of Nabokov's "That in Aleppo Once..."
by Alexander Drescher

Arbitrary Signs and Symbols
by Alexander Drescher

A Note on Pale Fire and Khodasevich's "Ballada"
by Kevin Frazier

A Pale Fire Timeline
by Jerry Friedman

French Echoes in "Mademoiselle O"
Jacqueline Hamrit

Structure in Lolita
Jacqueline Hamrit

Моя жизнь с Набоковым
by Сергей Ильин

Порядок слов
by Сергей Ильин

"Lights and Darkness in Nabokov's Glory"
by Yuichi Isahaya

Nabokov's Golliwoggs: Lodi Reads English 1899-1909
by D. Barton Johnson

Luzhin's Defense
by Vladislav Khodasevich

by Charles Kinbote

King, Queen, Knave
by Charles Kinbote

Zashchita Luzhina
by Charles Kinbote

Dolorous Laughter
by Eric Lemay

Five Notes on Nabokov's Works
by Yuri Leving

Kickshaws and Motley
by Peter Lubin

Apollo and Dionysus in Lolita
by Didier Machu

King, Queen, Knave by Vladimir Nabokov and by Jerzy Skolimowski
by Ewa Mazierska

'Lords and Owners': Nabokov's Sequestered Imagination
by William Monroe

Genius and Plausibility: Suspension of Disbelief in Pale Fire
by J. Morris

Gleb Struve and M. Kantor on Sirin: Three Translations
by Paul D. Morris

Repetition and Ambiguity: Reconsidering Mary
by Akiko Nakata

Ember, Translator of Hamlet
by Christine Raguet-Bouvart

Camera Obscura and Laughter in the Dark,
or, The Confusion of Texts

by Christine Raguet-Bouvart

On the Road to Canterbury, Liliput and Elphinstone - The Rough Guide: Satiric Travel Narratives in Chaucer, Swift and Nabokov
by Sam Schuman

Nabokov's Poetics of Vision, or, What Anna Karenina is Doing in Kamera obskura
by Thomas Seifrid [from Nabokov Studies #3]

A Dozen Notes to Nabokov's Short Stories
by Maxim D. Shrayer [from The Nabokovian]

Poetry, Exile, and Prophetic Mystification in "Vasiliy Shishkov" (1939)
by Maxim D. Shrayer

Aleksandr Blok's Dreams as Enacted in Ada by Van Veen--and Vice Versa
by Alexey Sklyarenko

Rodoslovnaia poshlosti (noveïshie geneaolicheskie izyskaniia) (in Word format)
by Alexey Sklyarenko

Terra i Antiterra: dva mira, dve pravdy (in Word format)
by Alexey Sklyarenko

IAgody 'Ady' i iady IAgody: otravlenia u Nabokova i v Sovetskoi Rossii (in Word format)
by Alexey Sklyarenko

Sklyarenko, Alexey. "Genealogicheskoe drevo iada semeistva Vinov: rol' pushkinskogo 'Anchara' v povesti Turgeneva "Zatish'e" i v Ade Nabokova" (in Word format)

Sklyarenko, Alexey. "Ada kak roman-sharadoid" (in Word format)

Sklyarenko, Alexey. "Poluchit li babushka rozhdestvenskuiu otkrytku, ili otchego zagorelsia baronskii ambar v Ade?" (in Word format)

Shades of Frost: A Hidden Source for Nabokov's Pale Fire
by Abraham P. Socher

Executing Sentences in Lolita and the Law
by Susan Elizabeth Sweeney

Mary: 'Without Any Passport'
by Leona Toker

Liberal Ironists and the 'Gaudily Painted Savage': On Richard Rorty's Reading of Vladimir Nabokov
by Leona Toker [from Nabokov Studies #1]

Nabokov's Pale Fire and the Romantic Movement (with special reference to the Brocken, Scott and Goethe)
by Gerard de Vries

The True Life of Sebastian Knight
by Gerard de Vries

Double Exposure: On the Vertigo of Translating Lolita
by Tadashi Wakashima

Synthesizing Artistic Delight: The Lesson of Pale Fire
by Brian Walter

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