This is a list-in-progress. Most of the addresses have been culled from Brian Boyd's stupendous two-volume biography, others from Nabokov's published letters, and a few from Berlin directories of the time. Color photos by Dieter E. Zimmer. Black and white photos, with the exception of the picture of Vyra, by Gennady Barabtarlo, from the Nabokov Sights section of Zembla.

Note: As of February 14, 2009, a corrected and expanded version of this list was made available by Dieter E. Zimmer on his personal homepage.

1899-1917: Bol'shaya Morskaya 47, St. Petersburg, Russia

Bol'shaya Morskaya 47, photo by DEZ
A virtual tour of 47 Bol'shaya Morskaya.
Rozhdestveno, photo by DEZThe Oredezh River, photo by DEZVyra
1903 (September): with family to Paris and to Nice
1904 (Summer): Villa 'Neptune' or Villa 'Apollo', Abbazia (Opatja), Croatia
1904/05 (Winter): Hotel 'Oranien', Wiesbaden
1906 (fall) to 1908 (fall): family lives on the first floor at Sergievskaya Street 38 (today Chaikovskogo Prospect) near Taurid Garden to get away from Mariinskaya Square, the place of bloodshed during the 1905 uprising; the house (then dove-blue, today yellow) Nabokov later gave to the pretty young aunt who teaches Luzhin chess (in The Defense)
The house on Sergievskaya Street 38

1907 (autumn): with family in a rented apartment in Biarritz
1909 (2 months in autumn): with family in a rented villa in Biarritz
1910 (early autumn to January 1911): with family to Bad Kissingen and then with tutor Filip Zelenski ("Lenski") for three months to Berlin, first at Hotel Adlon, Unter den Linden 1, then at a "pension moderne" on Privatstrasse (today Bissingzeile), a lane off Potsdamer Strasse, to get his teeth fixed by the American "orthodontist" Dr. W. G. Law (remembered by Nabokov as "Lowen" or "Lowell") on In den Zelten 18a
1911 (August): Elena Nabokov and children stays with her sister-in-law Elizaveta Sayn-Wittgenstein at Kamenka, the Sayn-Wittgenstein estate in S.W. Russia (near Popelyukha, province of Podolsk)
1911-1917: attends Tenishev School on 33-35 Mokhovaya Street, St. Petersburg
Tenishev School

1917 (November 15): Vladimir and his brother Sergey leave St. Petersburg for the Crimea
1917 (November 18): arrival on the Crimea, stay at the estate of Countess Panin in Gaspra (5 miles from Yalta)
1918 (late September): move to Livadia, the tsar's former residence, at the outskirts of Yalta
1919 (April 15): the family leaves Yalta for Piraeus, Greece, on the Greek vessel 'Nadezhda'
1919 (May 18-23): on the steamer 'Pannonia' from Piraeus to Marseilles and by train on to Paris
1919 (May 27): the whole family crosses from Le Havre to Southampton
1919 (from June): father rents apartment at 55 Stanhope Gardens, South Kensington, London
1919 (from October 1): enrollment at Trinity College, Cambridge; rooms at Great Court R6 (=staircase R, set 6)
1920 (from early August to September 5, 1921): c/o V. D. Nabokoff, Egerstrasse 1, Berlin-Wilmersdorf
1921 (June 13): to Berlin, to join his parents
1921 (September 5): V. D. Nabokoff and his family move to Sächsische Strasse 67, Berlin-Wilmersdorf
1921 (October 7): back to Cambridge, Trinity Lane
1921 (December 8): with his Cambridge friend Robert de Calry to Switzerland (Champéry and St. Moritz) for an ice-skating and skiing holiday; return trip to Berlin via Lausanne where they see Cécile Miauton, Nabokov's former governess ("Mademoiselle")
1922 (January 17): back to Cambridge for the Lent term
1922 (March 18): back to Berlin for the Easter vacation
1922 (March 28): assassination of Vladimir Dmitrievich Nabokov by two Russian monarchists (Peter Shabelsky-Bork and Sergey Taboritsky) in the Berlin Philharmonie, Bernburger Strasse 22/23
1922 (March 30): memorial service at the church of the Russian Embassy, Unter den Linden
1922 (March 31): memorial service at the chapel of the Russian Cemetery in Berlin-Tegel
Berlin, Tegel Cemetery. The Church of SS Constantine and

1922 (April 20): back to Cambridge
1922 (June 21): after final examinations (second-class honors), return from Cambridge to join his widowed mother at Sächsische Strasse 67, Berlin-Wilmersdorf
1923 (April 4): reading his work at Schubertsaal, Bülowstrasse
1923 (May 8): at an émigré charity ball, meets Véra Evseevna Slonim
1923 (mid-May to late July): works at the Domaine de Beaulieu (vinyards and orchards belonging to Bespalov and managed by Solomon Samoylovich Krym) near Solliès-Pont, Alpes Maritimes, France
1923 (late July): Marseille
1923 (August 19): back in Berlin, Sächsische Strasse 67
1923 (October): Elena Nabokoff and her daughter Elena move to Prague, Smíchov district, on the west bank of the Vltava river, followed by her other daughter Olga
1923 (December to January 27, 1924): visiting his family in Prague, Smíchov district, writing much of The Tragedy of Mr. Morn
1924 (from January 31): Pension Helene Andersen, Lutherstrasse 21, third floor, Berlin-Charlottenburg
1924 (from late August): Pension Elisabeth Schmidt, Trautenaustrasse 9, Berlin-Wilmersdorf
1925 (from April to late July): Luitpoldstrasse 13, Berlin-Schöneberg, 2 rooms, c/o canned goods merchant Erich Rölke
1925 (April 15): married to Véra Slonim, at the townhall of Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Brandenburgische Strasse
1925 (August 1 to c. August 15): with Véra to meet his family at Villa Kaura 60, Radosovica near Prague
1925 (August 27 to c. September 4): hiking tour of the Schwarzwald (Freiburg, Feldberg, St. Blasien, Säckingen, Wehr)
1925 (September 4 to September 12): Constance, Pension Zeiss
1925 (from September 30): Motzstrasse 31, Berlin-Schöneberg: 2 rooms, c/o Frau M. v. Lepel (a major's widow)
1925 (from c. December 25 to January 3, 1926): skiing with Sergey Kaplan in Krummhübel (Silesia), today Karpacz (Poland)
1926 (from fall): Passauer Strasse 12, Berlin-Charlottenburg: 2 rooms, c/o merchant Horst von Dallwitz
1929 (February 8 to June 24): in Southern France, first at the Hôtel Thermal in Le Boulou (Pyrénées Orientales), from April 24 at Saurat (Ariège)
1929 (July) Nabokov and his wife spend the remainder of the summer (working on The Defense) in the postman's shack at the village of Kolberg, about 35 miles to the southeast of Berlin, after they had acquired a tiny plot of land on a nearby lake (Ziest-See) where they hoped to build a sort of dacha. After some time, the land reverted to the seller for lack of payment.


1929 (from late August to early 1932): Luitpoldstrasse 27, Berlin-Schöneberg, 2 rooms (parlor and bedroom) in the "vast and gloomy" apartment of Oberstleutnant a.D. Albrecht v. Bardeleben
1930 (c. May 10 to May 24): visiting his mother in Prague, 64-I Palackeho Trida, Karlin
1932 (from early): Westfälische Strasse 29, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, 1 room, c/o Cohn family
Westfälische Strasse 29

1932 (from July 31 to January 18, 1937): Nestorstrasse 22, 3rd floor, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, 2 rooms, c/o Véra Nabokov's (Slonim) cousin Anna Feigin
Nestorstrasse 22

1932 (early in October to October 21): vacationing with Véra in Kolbsheim, Alsace, 8 miles west of Strasbourg, in a cottage where his cousin Nicolas Nabokov and his wife Nathalie were spending their holiday
1932 (October 21 to November 13): lodging with his cousin Nicolas Nabokov, 9 rue Jacques-Mawas, Paris 15e

9 rue Jacques-Mawas, Paris 15e

1932 (November 13-26): still in Paris, as a houseguest of Ilya Fondaminsky, 1 rue Chernoviz, Passy

1 rue Chernoviz, Passy

1932 (November 26-29): readings in Antwerp and Brussels, Belgium 1932 (November 30): back in Berlin
1934 (May 10): son Dmitri Nabokov born in private clinic Dr. Friedrich Grambow, Berchtesgadener Straße 25, Berlin-Schöneberg
1936 (mid-January): leaves for a lecture tour to Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp) and France (Paris)
1936 (from January 28): c/o Ilya Fondaminsky, 130 Avenue de Versailles, Paris 16e
1936 (February 29): back in Berlin, Nestorstrasse 22
1937 (January 18): leaves for another lecture tour to Brussels, Paris, London, and back to Paris
1937 (early March to May 20): Paris, c/o Ilya Fondaminsky, 130 avenue de Versailles
1937 (May 6): Véra and Dmitri leave Berlin for Prague
1937 (May 20): travels from Paris to Czechoslovakia by way of Switzerland and Austria (in order to avoid Germany) to meet Véra and Dmitri in Prague where he arrives on May 22, staying at his mother's flat, Koulova 6, Dejvice
1937 (end of May to June 18): with Véra and Dmitri at Hotel Egerländer, Franzensbad
1937 (June 18 to June 23): in Prague again, seeing his mother for the last time, Koulova 6, Dejvice
1937 (June 23 to June 29): with Véra and Dmitri at Villa Busch, Marienbad
1937 (June 30 to July 7): Paris, c/o Ilya Fondaminsky
1937 (July 8 to fall): Hôtel des Alpes, rue St.Dizier and rue Georges Clemenceau, Cannes
1937 (from fall): 81 rue Georges Clemenceau, Cannes, 2 room apartment; then on to Menton, Pension Les Hespérides
1938 (July): Hôtel de la Poste, Moulinet, Alpes Maritimes
1938 (from late August): Villa Les Cyprès, 18 Chemin de l'Ermitage, Cap d'Antibes
1938 (middle of October): from Cap d'Antibes to the farmhouse of Mikhail and Elizaveta Kaminka at L'Honor de Cas near Montauban
1938 (from late October): 8 rue de Saigon, Paris 16ème, 1 room apartment
8 rue de Saigon

1939 (from mid-February): Hôtel Royal Versailles, 31 rue Le Marois, Paris
1939 (from late April): 59 rue Boileau, Paris, 2 room apartment

59 rue Boileau, Paris

1939 (April 1 to last week): in London, in search of employment, staying with Evgeny Sablins
1939 (May 2): Elena Ivanovna Nabokov dies in Prague
1939 (May 31-June 14): in London, in search of employment, staying with Vera Haskell
1939 (summer to September 2): Pension Rodnoy, Fréjus, on the French Riviera
1939 (from September 2): back in Paris, 59 rue Boileau
1940 (c. May 19): on 'Champlain' from Le Havre to New York

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