This is a list-in-progress. Most of the addresses have been culled from Brian Boyd's stupendous two-volume biography, others from Nabokov's published letters, and a few from Berlin directories of the time. Color photos by Dieter E. Zimmer. Black and white photos, with the exception of the picture of Vyra, by Gennady Barabtarlo, from the Nabokov Sights section of Zembla.

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1940 (May 28): arrival in New York; several days c/o Nathalie Nabokov, former wife of Nicolas Nabokov, 32 East 61st Street.
1940 (from June 10): c/o Lehovich, 1326 Madison Avenue
1940 (from July 15): at country home of Harvard professor Mikhail Karpovich near West Wardsboro, Vermont
1940 (mid-September): 35 West 87th Street, New York, "a dreadful little flat"
1941 (May 26): by car, driven by Dorothy Leuthold, from New York City to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Motor Court Lee-Mead
1941 (May 27): to Luray, Virginia, Parkhurst Inn & Cottages
1941 (May 28): to Bristol, Virginia, Motel General Shelby
1941 (May 29): to the Smoky Mountains and Belva, Tennessee, Maple Shade Cottages
1941 (May 30): to Crossville, Tennessee, Cumberland Motor Court
1941 (May 31): to Jackson, Tennessee, George Anna Hotel
1941 (June 1): to Hot Springs, Arkansas, Wonderland Motor Courts
1941 (June 2): to Dallas, Texas, Grande Tourist Lodge
1941 (June 3): to Lubbock, Texas, Motor Hotel
1941 (June 4): to Santa Fé, New Mexico, El Rey Courts
1941 (June 6): to Holbrook, Arizona, Forest Court
1941 (June 7): to the south rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, south rim, Bright Angel Lodge
1941 (June 9): to Las Vegas, Nevada
1941 (June 10): to San Bernardino, California
1941 (June 11): to Santa Monica, California, Mission Court?
1941 (June 13): to Fresno, California
1941 (June 14): arrival in Palo Alto, California; stay at a rented home on 230 Sequoia Avenue
1941 (from early September?): Wellesley, Massachusetts, 19 Appleby Road
1942 (summer): at country home of Harvard professor Mikhail Karpovich near West Wardsboro, Vermont
1942 (from September 1): 8 Craigie Circle, Suite 35, Cambridge, MA

8 Craigie Circle, photo by Gennady Barabtarlo

Nabokov's workbench at the MCZ

1943 (summer): at the guest lodge of publisher James Laughlin at Alta, Utah
1945 (from summer): Wellesley, MA, 9 Abbott Street
1946 (c. June 20): by train and bus to New Hampshire where they spend the summer "on the shores of a dismal lake [Newfound Lake] at a horrible place called Don Jerry Lodge"
1946 (summer): at Don Gerry Lodge on Newfound Lake, New Hampshire
1946 (from August 18): 6 Cross Street, Wellesley, MA
1947 (late July to September): Columbine Lodge, above Estes Park, Colorado, collecting butterflies near Longs Peak (e.g., Boloria freija), as described at the end of Chapter 6 of Speak, Memory
1948 (from July 1): 927 E. State Street, Ithaca, New York (house of Batz Hansteen?); office 278 Goldwin Smith Hall, Cornell University; buys a 1940 Plymouth 4-door sedan, driven by Véra
Goldwin Smith Hall, photo by DEZ
1948 (from September): 802 East Seneca Street, Ithaca, New York (house of Mrs. Lotte Orndorff)
802 East Seneca Street, photo by DEZ
1949 (June 22 to July 16): leaving for the West in their Plymouth to attend a writers' conference at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, where they stay at the Alpha Delta Pi House. From there on to the Battle Mountain Ranch on Hoback River and to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the Teton Pass Ranch at Wilson, Wyoming where they stay in August
1949 (August): Teton Pass Ranch, Wilson, WY
1950 (June): The Vendome, Commonwealth Avenue and Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA. On June 1, Dr. Favre in Boston extracts all his teeth. On June 2, 1950, VN took a specimen of his best known butterfly, the Karner Blue, at this site north of Albany, N.Y.:
Albany's Pine Bush Preserve, photo by DEZ
1951 (from spring): 623 Highland Road, Cayuga Heights, New York (house of Professor H.S. Sach)
1951 (July 3 to 29): Valley View Court Motel, Telluride, Colorado
1952 (from February 1 to June 20, as a visiting professor at Harvard): 9 Maynard Place (at the house of writer May Sarton), Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Hotel The Vendome, Boston, Massachusetts
9 Maynard Place, photo by Gennady Barabtarlo
1952 (August): Corral Log Cabins, Afton, Wyoming
1952 (from September 1): 106 Hampton Road, Cayuga Heights, New York (house of A.F. Wiegant)
1953 (from February 1): 35 Brewster Street, Cambridge, MA
35 Brewster Street, photo by Gennady Barabtarlo
1953 (from mid-February): Ambassador Hotel (now Coolidge Hall), 1737 Cambridge Street, Suite 617, Cambridge, NY
1953 (April 7): leaving for Arizona, via Birmingham
1953 (c. April 20): at a rented ranch at Portal, Arizona
1953 (June 1): on a account of Véra's dislike for rattlesnakes, they leave for Oregon
1953 (June, July and August): 163 Mead Street, Ashland, Oregon, at the house of Dr. Arthur Tailor)
For a discussion of Nabokov's stay in Ashland, see the photo-essay "Nabokov in Ashland, Oregon" by D. Barton and Sheila Golburgh Johnson.
1953 (September 1): leaving for Ithaca, New York
1954 (from beginning of spring term): 101 Irving Place, Ithaca, NY (faculty home)
1954 (June 18): leaving for Cleveland, Ohio, and Taos, New Mexico, where they spend July and August at a rented house
1954 (from September 1): 700 Stewart Avenue, Ithaca, New York (Bel-leayre Apartments, #30, appartment of Professor James L. Gregg)
1955 (from mid-July): 808 Hanshaw Road, Cayuga Heights, New York (house of Professor Fisher)
1956 (from February): 'Continental Hotel Apartments', no.10, 16 Chauncy Street, Cambridge, MA
1956 (spring): motoring 10,000 miles in their "good old frog-green Buick" to Utah (a ranchito at Mt. Carmel), Arizona and Montana
1956 (from July 1): 425 Hanshaw Road, Cayuga Heights, New York
1957 (from February 3): 880 Highland Road, Cayuga Heights, New York (house of L. Sharp)
1958 (from February 23?): 404 Highland Road, Cayuga Heights, New York
1959 (February 24): leaving Cornell, by car via Schenectady to New York City
1959 (February 26-April 18): Hotel Windermere, 666 West End Avenue, New York
1959 (April 18): by car to Arizona, via Tennessee (Great Smokies), Alabama and Big Bend, Texas
1959 (early summer): at summer cabins resort Forest Houses between Flagstaff and Sedona, AZ, hunting butterflies in Oak Creek Canyon
1959 (July 20): from Sedona to Los Angeles, CA
1959 (July 20-end of July): The Beverly Hills Hotel, 9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA
1959 (end of July-mid August): Brockway Hotel on North Lake Tahoe, CA
1959 (early September): Park Crescent Hotel, 87th and Riverside Drive, New York City
1959 (September 29-October 5): on the 'Liberté' from New York City to Le Havre, travelling on to Geneva (Hotel Beau Rivage) right away as they were no suitable accomodations to be found in Paris
1959 (mid November): Hotel Excelsior, Taormina, Sicily (for the first time envisaging how to turn Lolita into a screenplay)
1959 (November 27): from Sicily to Genoa, Colombia Excelsior Hotel
1959 (December 9): to Lugano, Grand Hotel, room 317-318
1959 (December 13): by taxi to Milano, Hotel Principe e Savoia
1959 (December 25): by car to San Remo, Hotel Excelsior-Bellevue
1960 (early January to February): to Hôtel Astoria, avenue Carnot, Menton
1960 (February 18): by train from Menton to Le Havre
1960 (February 19): on the 'United States' from Le Havre to New York
1960 (February 27): by train via Chicago to Los Angeles
1960 (March 10 to October 12): 2088 Mandeville Canyon Road, Los Angeles, CA
1960 (late June/early July): Glacier Lodge, Inyo County, California
1960 (October 12-15): by train via Chicago to New York
1960 (October 15-November 2): Hotel Hampshire House (room 503), New York
1960 (November 2-7): on the 'Queen Elizabeth' from New York to Cherbourg
1960 (November 7-9): via Paris to Milano, Hotel Principe e Savoia
1960 (November 26): to Nice, Hotel Negresco, 37, promenade des Anglais (looking for an apartment and writing the beginning of Shade's poem in Pale Fire)
1960 (early December): 57, promenade des Anglais (appartement no. 3), Nice (Alpes Maritimes)
1961 (April 26): by car to Reggio Emilia (for Dmitri's operatic debut in La Bohème, along with Luciano Pavarotti)
1961 (May 8): by car to Stresa
1961 (early June): to Milano for a concert by Dmitri
1961 (mid June): by car via Martigny to Champex (Vaud)
1961 (June 15 to August 15): Champex-Lac (Valais), Grand Hôtel Alpes et Lac (working on Pale Fire, hunting butterflies at Verbier, Crans, Simplon and Saas-Fee)
1961 (end July to August 7): to Simplon Kulm (Vaud), Hotel Bellevue
1961 (August 7): to Montreux (Vaud), Hotel Belmont
1961 (September 20): by car to Milan (to hear Dmitri sing at the Scala)
1961 (early October to their death): in a furnished apartment of the Hôtel Montreux Palace, Montreux (Vaud), rooms 35-38
1962 (May 31 to June 5): on the 'Queen Elizabeth' from Cherbourg to New York
1962 (June 5-20): St. Regis Hotel, Fifth Avenue, New York
1962 (June 20): on the 'Queen Elizabeth' from New York to France
1962 (June 26): back at his hotel rooms in Montreux
1962 (July): Hotel Mt. Cervin, Zermatt (Valais)
1964 (c. March 18): on the to New York City
1964 (end of March): by train to Ithaca, NY
1964 (April 2): by plane back to New York City
1964 (April 9): to Cambridge, MA
1964 (April 10): last public reading at Sanders Hall, Harvard University
1964 (mid April): back to New York City
1964 (April 21): Bollingen Press reception (in honor of 'Pushkin Eugene Onegin')
1964 (April 23): on the 'United States' back to Europe
1965 (late April): Grand Hotel, Gardone Riviera (Brescia) on Lake Garda
1965 (July): Suvretta-House, St. Moritz (Grisons)
1965 (August 10): back at his hotel rooms in Montreux
1966 (May): Albergo Cappucino Convento, Amalfi
1966 (last week of May to end of June): Grand Hotel Excelsior, Chianciano Terme (Siena)
1967 (May): Albergo Cenobio dei Dogi, Camogli (Genoa)
1968 (from May 10 to early July): Hôtel des Salines, Bex-les-Bains
1968 (from early July to early August): Parc Hotel, Verbier
1971 (March 24 to March 30): Hotel Ritz, Lisbon, Portugal
1971 (March 30 to April 14): Algarve Hotel, Praia de Rocha, Portugal, flying both ways
1971 (May): Tourtour (Var)
1971 (August): in a chalet between Gstaad and Saanen
1974 (July): Hotel Mt. Cervin, Zermatt (Valais)
1977 (March 9 to May 7): with influenza at the Nestlé Hospital in Lausanne
1977 (June 5): back to the Nestlé Hospital where he died at 6:50 pm on July 2, from a bronchial infection
1977 (July 7): Nabokov's body cremated in Vevey
1977 (July 8): Nabokov's ashes interred in the cemetery of Clarens

Nabokov's grave, photo by Gennady Barabtarlo
photograph by Gennady Barabtarlo

Nabokov's grave, photo by Ljuba Tarvi
photograph by Ljuba Tarvi

1991 (April 6): Véra taken to the hospital in Vevey because of respiratory trouble
1991 (April 7): Véra dies at the Vevey hospital

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