Zembla to Participate in Weblink Project on Endangered Blue Butterflies Worldwide

A Karner Blue butterfly on New Jersey Tea, a nectar plant important for adults of the species. (Photograph copyright ©1999 M. Magdich. Courtesy M. Magdich, Toledo Zoo)

Five websites including Zembla will interlink in January and February 2000 to carry parts of a special feature on endangered blue butterflies worldwide. Featured will be the Karner Blue of the United States along with seven Blues from South America. The stories and reports will be general, popular, scientific, and activist. The jump-off point is a popular gardening website, Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardening, at Suite101.com, and will include links to the other sites.

Zembla features "Nabokov's Endangered Butterflies" by Kurt Johnson, co-author (with Steve Coates) of Nabokov's Blues, recently published by Zoland Books to much critical and popular acclaim.

The other sites in the project are:

  • Save the Pine Bush/Karner Blue Legal Defense Fund, which will outline and update their efforts to protect Pine Bush habitats
  • Zoland Books, which will feature selections from the new book Nabokov's Blues, including the chapter "Dancing with Fire" devoted to the Karner Blue, and an interview with the authors
  • A new website to be announced in early 2000 devoted to the Karner Blue and other endangered world Blues. Its first feature will be interviews with prominent scientists and conservationists working on the Blues along with illustrations and notes of special interest.
Each of the sites will also link to the Lepidopterists' Society Nabokov tribute made available on its website in the summer of 1999.

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