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Volume 1 1994

  • The Intersection of McEwen and Wheaton: A Nabokovian Locus Identified
    Joel J. Brattin

  • Nabokov and Narrative Point of View: The Case of "A Letter that Never Reached Russia"
    Julian Connolly

  • Washington's Gift: Materials Pertaining to Nabokov's Gift in the Library of Congress
    Jane Grayson

  • The Nabokov-Sartre Controversy
    D. Barton Johnson

  • Vladimir Nabokov's King, Queen, Knave and the Commedia Dell'Arte
    Stephanie Merkel


  • An Album of Five Photographs
    Gennady Barabtarlo

  • A Poem: "Nabokov in Minnesota. November 1941"
    Jonathan B. Sisson

  • Necessary Introduction or Fatal Fatuity: Nabokov's Introductions and Bend Sinister
    Charles Nicol

  • "Cloud, Castle, Lake" and the Problem of Entering Nabokov's Otherworld
    Maxim D. Shrayer

  • Nabokov's Cosmic Synchronization and "Something Else"
    Jonathan B. Sisson

  • Sinistral Details: Nabokov, Wilson, and Hamlet in Bend Sinister
    Susan Elizabeth Sweeney

  • Liberal Ironists and the "Gaudily Painted Savage": On Richard Rorty's Reading of Vladimir Nabokov
    Leona Toker

    Book Reviews

  • John Burt Foster. Nabokov's Art of Memory and European Modernism (Clarence Brown)

  • Nikolai Anastas'ev. Fenomen Nabokova (D. Barton Johnson)

  • Alfred Appel, Jr. The Art of Celebration: Twentieth Century Painting, Literature, Sculpture, Photography and Jazz (Charles Nicol)

  • Tony Sharpe. Vladimir Nabokov (Samuel Schuman)

  • A Small Alpine Form: Studies in Nabokov's Short Fiction. Edited by Charles Nicol and Gennady Barabtarlo (Maxim D. Shrayer)

  • Julian Connolly. Nabokov's Early Fiction: Patterns of Self and Other (Leona Toker)

  • Magdalena Medaric. Od Masenjke do Lolite (Zoran Kuzmanovich)

  • Donald Harington. Ekaterina (Clarence Brown)

Volume 2 1995


Forum: Did Humbert Kill Quilty? The Chronology of Lolita

  • Pale Fire: Three Notes towards a Thetic Solution
    Chris Ackerley

  • Nabokov’s Travesties of Childhood Nostalgia
    Richard Borden

  • ‘Perplex’d in the Extreme’: Moral Facets of Nabokov’s work
    Gerard de Vries

  • Look at Valdemar! (a beautified corpse revived)
    Jeff Edmunds

  • Time, Writing and Ecstasy in Speak, Memory: Dramatizing the Proustian Project
    Christian Moraru

  • Silence and the Ineffable in Nabokov’s Invitation to a Beheading
    Brian Thomas Oles

  • Death and Immortality in Nabokov’s “A Busy Man”
    Svetlana Polsky

Rewriting Nabokov: A Story and an Article

  • Jean Lahougue’s “The Resemblance”
    Translated by Jeff Edmunds

  • (Re)writing Considered as an Act of Murder: How to Rewrite Nabokov in a Post-Nouveau Roman Setting
    Michel Sirvent

Featured Review Articles

  • The Great (Textual) Communicator, or, Blindness and Insight, by Brian McHale:
    Maurice Couturier. Nabokov ou la tyrannie de l’auteur

  • Nabokov’s Lepidoptera, by Brian Boyd:
    Dieter E. Zimmer. “Nabokov’s Lepidtoptera” in Les papillons de Nabokov, ed. Michel Sartori
    (Excerpts from Zimmer's revised guide are available in Zembla.)


  • David Rampton. Vladimir Nabokov
    (John Burt Foster)

  • Inna Broude. Ot Khodasevicha do Nabokova: nostalgicheskaia tema v poezii pervoi russkoi emigratsii
    (Irena Luksic)

Volume 3 1996


  • Nabokov's Poetics of Vision, or What Anna Karenina is Doing in Kamera obskura
    Thomas Seifrid

  • Dickens in Nabokov: A Figure of Concealment
    Savely Senderovich

  • "People of the Moonlight": Silver Age Parodies in Nabokov's The Eye and The Gift
    Olga Skonechnaia

  • Timofey Pnin, Vladimir Nabokov, and Marc Szeftel
    Galya Diment

  • Many a Pleasant Tussle: Edmund Wilson and the Nabokovian Aesthetic
    Brian Walter

  • Visions of a Perfect 'Past': Nabokov, Autobiography, Biography, and Fiction
    Geoffrey Green

  • The Salome Motif in Nabokov's Invitation to a Beheading
    Gavriel Shapiro

  • Nabokov as Lepidopterist: An Informed Appraisal
    Kurt Johnson, G. Warren Whitaker, and Zsolt Bálint


  • Reflections on Modernism: Lolita and Political Engagement or How the Left and the Right Both Have It Wrong
    Sarah Herbold

    Review Essay (French VN criticism)

  • Nabokov, ou le vrai et l'invraisemblable
    Jeff Edmunds


  • Vladimir E. Alexandrov. The Garland Companion to Vladimir Nabokov
    (Jane Grayson)

  • Michael Wood. The Magician's Doubts: Nabokov and the Risks of Fiction
    (Maurice Couturier)

  • Michael Eskin. Nabokovs Version von Pushkins Evgenij Onegin. Zwischen Version und Fiktion: Eine obersetzungs- und fiktionstheoretische Untersuchung
    (Sven Spieker)

  • Vadim Linetskii. "Anti-Bakhtin": luchshaia kniga o Vladimire Nabokove ["Anti-Bakhtin": The Best Book about Vladimir Nabokov]
    (Sunny Otake)

  • Nina Allan. Madness, Death and Disease in the Fiction of Vladimir Nabokov
    (Nassim Berdjis)

  • Christopher Huellen. Der Tod im Werk Vladimir Nabokovs: Terra Incognita [Death in Vladimir Nabokov's Oeuvre: Terra Incognita]
    (Nassim Berdjis)

Volume 4 1997


  • That Butterfly in Nabokov's Eye
    D. Barton Johnson

  • Nabokov's Dialogue with Dostoevsky: Lolita and "The Gentle Creature"
    Julian Connolly

  • Despair and The Real Life of Sebastian Knight as Doubles
    Priscilla Meyer

  • Fated Freedoms: Textual Form and Metaphysical Texture in Nabokov
    Stephen H. Blackwell

  • Homosexuality and the Aesthetic of Nabokov's Dar
    Anna Brodsky

  • The Role of Literature in The Gift
    Anat Ben-Amos

  • Vladimir Nabokov's Short Story "Easter Rain"
    Svetlana Polsky

  • The Nature of Textual Binarity: Nabokov's "Christmas"
    Vladimir Mylnikov


  • Shade and Shape in Pale Fire
    Brian Boyd

  • A Response to Sarah Herbold
    Amy Spungen

  • A Response to Amy Spungen
    Sarah Herbold


  • Nassim Winnie Berdjis. Imagery in Vladimir Nabokov's Last Russian Novel (Dar), Its English Translation (The Gift), and Other Prose Works (1995)
    (Review by Priscilla Meyer)

  • Boris Nosik. Mir i Dar Nabokova. Pervaia Russkaia Biografiia Pisatelia (1995)
    (Review by Simon Karlinsky)

  • Lolita. Read by Jeremy Irons (1997)
    (Review by Zoran Kuzmanovich)

  • Richard Corliss. Lolita (1995)
    (Review by Zoran Kuzmanovich)

  • Galya Diment. Pniniad: Vladimir Nabokov and Marc Szeftel (1997)
    (Review by Gerard de Vries)

  • Svetlana Polsky. Smert' i bessmertie v russikh rasskazakh Vladimira Nabokova (1997)
    (Review by Paul Morris)

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