In the fall of 2001, the BBC added Zembla to its Best of the Web Webguide.

With Nabokov's centennial in 1999, there was a resurgence in media interest in Nabokov, and Zembla continued to receive favorable mention in the press. Information about the site was featured in Nezavisimaia gazeta (Moscow, Russia), Novaia Iunost' (Moscow, Russia), The Times Union (Albany, N.Y.), Wiener Zeitung (Vienna, Austria), Postimees (Tallinn, Estonia), Reforma (Mexico City, Mexico), The Barcelona Review, and, closer to home, The Daily Collegian (University Park, Pa.), The Centre Daily Times (State College, Pa.), The Altoona Mirror (Altoona, Pa.), and The Patriot-News (Harrisburg, Pa.). On the Web, CNN Interactive, Salon Magazine, The Atlantic, The New York Times, and Die Zeit (Hamburg, Germany) include links to Zembla.

On August 4, 1998, staff writer Michael McGehee of the Chicago Tribune named Zembla his 'pick of the week," calling it "a beautifully designed site with impressive, thought-provoking content."

On April 19, 1997, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany's largest daily newspaper, published a quarter-page review of Zembla. Author Thomas Hettche called the site "ein buntes, doch klug zusammengestelltes Sammelsurium von Materialen" [a colorful, indeed cleverly arranged collection of materials].

In the summer of 1997, the Slavic and East European Journal published a very favorable review of Zembla by Clarence Brown of Princeton University. The article is the first review of a Web site to appear in SEEJ. Noting that the results of Web search engines "have a noise-to-signal ratio of roughly 99 to 1," Brown writes that "Zembla is that 1 that offers sense, solace, and asylum from the trackless waste of the 99." He is especially appreciative of the graphics on the main page (at that time conceived and created by Sarah Anastasia Hahn), the Zemblarchive, and the bibliographies and indexes to Nabokovian journals and criticism. Brown devotes the last section of his review to Silvery Light, Charles Kinbote's tour de force, which is singled out for especial praise.

In June 1997, The Net magazine named Zembla its literature Site of the Month. Reviewer Cara Stimpson writes:

"In what is the simultaneously overwhelming and underwhelming time-suck of the Internet, Zembla, the Nabokov Butterfly Net, is a vitalizing illumination that will leave you, in the manner of a long, satisfying trip to the library, with a tweedy, dry-mouthed love of both life and language."

The Fall 1997 issue of Intelligent Agent features a review of Zembla in its FYI Education section. A color reproduction of Sarah Anastasia Hahn's home page graphic for an earlier phase of Zembla is included.

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