Getting Started:

Before beginning the course, please introduce yourself by e-mail if you intend to treat the module as a guided reading and plan to ask questions. (My address is Tell me something about yourself, your reasons for wanting to participate in the course, and which module you're interested in. I'd also like to know how much Nabokov you've read. Are you a new reader, or someone with a more extensive knowledge of Nabokov's works? You will, of course, need a copy of the book being studied. Almost any edition will do; the Vintage International paperback editions have the advantage of being textually definitive, inexpensive, and available at most good bookstores. Contact me if you need help finding a copy.

During the test phase of Virtual Nabokov, contact, and thus shared dialogue, between students will be minimal. But as the course matures there will be possibilities for a more dynamic "chat" environment. The level of interaction between instructor and student will be up to each student.

The course objectives are as follows...