Jeff Edmunds
Pennsylvania State University

Welcome to VN: Virtual Nabokov, an on-line course on the works of Vladimir Nabokov. This experimental project was developed in response to an invitation from Dr. Samuel Schuman of the University of Minnesota, Morris, to participate in a conference on "Teaching Nabokov" scheduled for the summer of 2000 but subsequently cancelled. The purpose of this course is to test the possibilities for teaching Nabokov's work via the World Wide Web. Virtual Nabokov is a work in progress, and your feedback as a participant will be essential for shaping the course into a useful teaching tool.

Currently there are two modules available, the first on Mary, Nabokov's first novel, the second on The Defense, Nabokov's third novel. Modules can be used simply as online study guides, or users can enroll in a virtual class, with dialog between the teacher, impersonated by me, and, in some cases, other students.

If you'd like more information about the course, read on. If you have questions, use the butterfly button at the left to contact me. If you'd like to enroll in the virtual course, let's get started.


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