One of Véra's butterflies Véra's Butterflies

Véra's Butterflies, a wonderful book by Sarah Funke describing first editions by VN inscribed to his wife, has been published by Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, Inc. The book includes contributions by Brian Boyd, Stephen Jay Gould, Kurt Johnson, James Salter, Stacy Schiff, and Michael Wood.

The book, designed by Jerry Kelly and printed by The Stinehour Press, Lunenberg, Vermont, is sumptuously illustrated with full-page color illustrations of VN's drawings, inscriptions, and annotations to his books. Also included are detailed descriptions of 135 Nabokovian first editions, including the gem pictured below, VN's heavily emended copy of the first edition of Lolita, issued by The Olympia Press in 1955.

VN's copy of the frist edition of Lolita
VN's copy of the first edition of Lolita

For collectors, a price list for all of the items described is included. Véra's Butterflies is accompanied by Revised Evidence, a collection of commemorative stamps printed on the occasion of an exhibition of Vladimir Nabokov's library. The stamp collection, designed by Barbara Bloom, includes, inter alia, portraits of Nabokov, his holograph annotations and corrections to his works, the covers of 18 different editions of Lolita, and a delightful selection of his illustrated inscriptions to Véra (pictured below).

Nabokov commemorative stamps
Nabokov commemorative stamps

Véra's Butterflies is available from the publisher:

Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, Inc.
19 East 76th Street
New York, NY 10021
phone: 212-327-3538
fax: 212-327-3542

The prices are as follows:

Cloth, with stamps, $125
Paperback, without stamps, $75
Stamps alone, $45

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