Nabokov on Television
compiled by Dieter E. Zimmer

(of which copies are known to exist):

Half an Hour with Nabokov
Interviewer: Peter Duval Smith (with Christopher Burstall)
Tv interview filmed at Zermatt, middle of July, 1962 for BBC, London, "Bookstand"
Broadcast: November 4, 1962
Runtime: 29 minutes
Printed as "Vladimir Nabokov on his life and work" in The Listener (London), 68 (1756), Nov 22, 1962, pp. 856-858. Reprinted as "What Vladimir Nabokov thinks of his work, his life" in Vogue, New York, March 1, 1963, pp. 152-155.

USA: The Novel: Vladimir Nabokov
Interviewer: Robert Hughes
NET National Educational Television, New York
Date of broadcast: February 3, 1965
Runtime: 29 minutes
LoC shelf number: VBL 0630
Excerpts as "Why Nabokov Detests Freud" in The New York Times (New York), January 30, 1966, Section 2, p. 17.
The interview is available for rental at $12.15 from Indiana University, Instructional & Support Services, Franklin, Room 0001, Bloomington, Indiana 47405-5901. Phone: 1-800-552-8620. A copy can be purchased for $250.

Russen ohne Russland: Die Rolle der Emigranten im Kulturleben Westeuropas (Russians without Russia: The Role of Émigrés in the Cultural Life of Western Europe)
Tv feature with various interviews
Nabokov interview filmed in June, 1966, in the gardens of 'Grand Hotel Excelsior,' Chianciano Terme (Siena), Italy
Authors: Jürgen Schröder-Jahn and Gebhard Rahn
Producer: Peter von Zahn Productions for ZDF Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, Mainz
Date of broadcast: 1966
Runtime of Nabokov interview: 3+1 minutes

Aus Kunst und Wissenschaft (From the Arts and Sciences)
Tv interview, filmed Oct 5, 1966 in Montreux, for NDR III Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Drittes Programm, Hamburg
Interviewer: Dieter E. Zimmer
Date of broadcast: October 21, 1966
Runtime: 27 minutes
Printed as "Despot in meiner Welt" (A despot in my own world) in: Die Zeit (Hamburg), 44, October 28, 1966, pp. 19-20.

TV interview for BBC-2 (London), "Review"
Interviewer: James Mossman
40 questions and answers
Date of broadcast: 4-Oct-69
Published as "To Be Kind, To Be Proud, To be Fearless Vladimir Nabokov in conversation with James Mossman" in London: The Listener, 82 (2117), 23-Oct-69, pp. 560-561. Brief excerpts in BBC documentary by Christopher Sykes, 1989

Vom Gewebe der Zeit: Vladimir Nabokov erzählt (On the texture of time: Vladimir Nabokov speaks up)
Tv interview, filmed at Montreux in September / October 1971
Interviewer: Kurt Hoffman (with Jochen Richter)
Broadcast by: BR Bayeri-scher Rundfunk, München, Bayern III (coproduced with BBC, CBC, ORF, RM Produktion and Schweizerische Radio- und Fernsehgesellschaft)
Dates of broadcast: May 26, 1972 and July 7, 1977
Runtime: 59 minutes

Apostrophes: Bernard Pivot rencontre Vladimir Nabokov (Apostrophes: Bernard Pivot meets Vladimir Nabokov)
Interviewer: Bernard Pivot
Live broadcast by: Antenne 2, Paris
Date: May 30, 1975
Video version (VHS SECAM) for sale: Visions Seuil, Paris
LoC shelf number: VAB 3408
Runtime: 60 minutes

Dominique Jacot
Improvised film shots during a session with photographer Dominique Jacot
c. 1975
Runtime 8 minutes

TV interview for BBC Book Programme
Interviewer Robert Robinson
Filmed 14-Feb-77 in Montreux
Brief excerpts in BBC TV documentary by Christopher Sykes, 1989
Published as "A Blush of Colour: Nabokov in Montreux", London: The Listener, 97 (2501), 24-Mar-77, pp. 367, 369. Reprinted in: Peter Quenell (ed.): Vladimir Nabokov: A Tribute. New York: William Morrow, 1980, pp. 119-125
Runtime: 24 minutes

(of which copies are known to exist):

"My Most Difficult Book": The Making of "Lolita"
Author and director: Christopher Sykes
Interviewees: Martin Amis, Brian Boyd, A.S. Byatt, Dmitri Nabokov?, Véra Nabokov?, Elena Sikorski?, Edmund White
Production: BBC-1, London, "Omnibus"
First broadcast: December 1, 1989

DOLORES, Colorado - Die Liebe als Irrfahrt
Produced for ZDF Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen by MÄRZfilm, Hamburg
Author: Peter Leippe
Language: German
Date of broadcast: October 28, 1993
Runtime: 45 minutes

Vladimir Nabokov (1899-1977)
Author: Patricia Desmortiers avec la collaboration de Brian Boyd
Production: France 3 / CINETEVE / INA
Language: French
Interviewees: Eléna Sikorski, Dmitri Nabokov, Kurt Johnson, Alfred Appel, Jr., Allison Jolly (daughter of Morris Bishop)
Material from Nabokov interviews by Bernard Pivot (Antenne 2, 1975), Peter Duval Smith (BBC, 1962), Kurt Hoffman (Bayerischer Rundfunk, 1971), Robert Hughes (NET, 1965)
Date of broadcast: 1996
Runtime: 47 minutes

Lolita ist berühmt, ich nicht / C'est Lolita qui est célèbre, pas moi (Lolita is famous, not I)
Author: Andreas Christoph Schmidt
Produced by SFB Sender Freies Berlin / Arte, Strasbourg
Languages: German and French
Interviewees: Oleg Volkov, Alexandre Blokh, Andrei Bitov, Dmitri Nabokov, Mike Abrams, Jason Epstein
Material from Nabokov interviews by Robert Hughes (NET, 1965) and Peter Duval Smith (BBC, 1962)
Date of first German broadcast: January 1, 1997
Runtime: 59 minutes

Klyuchi Nabokova: Esse (Nabokov's Sources: An Essay)
Authors: Evgeni Verbitski and Evgeni Porotov
Year: 1997
Production: Videofil'm "Dom"
© Studiya "Dar"
Runtime: 26 minutes
Language: Russian

Great Writers: The Twentieth Century: Vladimir Nabokov
Author and director: none
Producer: Bob Portway
Production: "A Clark Television Production for BBC Worldwide Television," London
Language: English
Interviewees: Dmitri Nabokov, Allison Jolly (daughter of Morris Bishop), Maurice Girodias, Martin Amis, A.S. Byatt, Ellendea Proffer
Material from Nabokov interviews by Peter Duval Smith (BBC, 1962), Kurt Hoffman (Bayerischer Rundfunk, 1971) and ?
© 1998
Runtime: 52 minutes
Video version available from: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, Princeton, NJ

The Lolita Story
Author and director: Chris Rodley
Language: English
Interviewees: Gilbert Adair, Carroll Baker, Leslie Dick, Emma Forest, James B. Harris, A.M. Homes, Jeremy Irons, Eric Kahane, Adrian Lyne, Dmitri Nabokov, Michael Neal, Stephen Schiff, Miriam Worms
Production: Mark Forstater Productions for Channel Four Television, London
© 1998
Runtime: c. 50 minutes

[Nabokov in Berlin]
Part of TV magazine "Metropolis": Alexei Shipenko in 1999 following Nabokov's traces
Authors: Beate Neumann, Marc Polednik
Production: Arte, Strasbourg
First broadcast: April 17, 1999
Runtime: c. 9 minutes

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