Policy UL-IN02 Teaching by Libraries' Faculty

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This policy applies to Libraries employees who wish to teach on behalf of Penn State Commonwealth Campuses and/or academic units:

  • non–LST for-credit courses;
  • non-LST non-credit courses; and
  • program offerings.

These activities, while typically out of scope of Library employee responsibilities, provide important and recognizable contributions to the University’s mission.


All full-time, non-unionized Libraries employees are eligible for consideration.

NOTE: This policy excludes Library Studies (LST) courses, which are considered regular responsibilities of those appointed as a Librarian (regardless of rank).

Joint and affiliate faculty appointments of Libraries faculty are considered to be out of scope of this policy; terms of such appointments are typically documented at the time of the appointment and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Covered activities, contingent upon supervisory support and leadership approval, include non–LST courses, credit or non-credit, and program offerings (e.g., continuing education, badging) on behalf of Penn State Commonwealth Campuses and/or academic units.

  • Other activities at Penn State, such as directing independent studies, supervising for-credit internships, providing formal advising responsibilities, directing undergraduate honors or graduate theses, or serving on graduate committees, is addressed in UL-HR05 Supplemental Payments, when supplemental payment is available from a non-libraries unit.
  • Teaching courses, or outside paid activities, for other institutions is considered to be consulting. Therefore, University policies AC80, HR42, and HR91 apply. Employees may not use University resources and must perform approved teaching/activities on their own time, as described in FN14.


To perform covered activities for a Penn State Commonwealth Campus and/or academic unit, the employee must complete and submit the Supplemental Payment Form to their supervisor. Ideally, requests will be submitted for approval prior to the start of each semester in which the covered activities are to be completed. The supervisor will discuss with the respective Department Head and Associate Dean, and the Department Head, or their designee, will communicate the final decision to employee, budget/finance, and unit HR, preferably via email.

Employees and supervisors must review and adhere to the supplemental provisions linked in University Policy HR90.

If approved, the Penn State Commonwealth Campus and/or academic unit initiates the Workday process for the compensation of the supplemental appointment. Payment must be made in the same tax year, and cannot be made more than 6 months past when services are rendered. Covered activities will be paid as additional compensation in accordance with the supplemental provisions linked in University Policy HR90.


  • LST - Library Studies
  • Non-LST - Non-Library Studies


Revision History (and effective dates):

  • March 2024 - Revised to permit supplemental payments for libraries employees in lieu of release time; clarified eligibility for credit teaching.
  • August 2007 – Revised; Instructional Programs to Library Learning Services
  • July 2001 – New policy

Last Review Date:  March 2024