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Penn State University Libraries
University Libraries' Innovation Microgrant

Penn State University Libraries Innovation Microgrant Program


The University Libraries (UL) Microgrant Program is designed to support small projects that foster innovation in support of the University Libraries strategic initiatives. Proposals will be competitively selected by the UL Innovation Microgrant Program Review Committee. This program is open to all faculty and staff. Collaboration among colleagues is highly encouraged.



  1. All staff and faculty of the University Libraries and Penn State University Press are eligible to submit a proposal.
  2. The grant proposals must support the mission, vision, values and goals articulated in the University Libraries Strategic Plan.
  3. Each proposal must have a principle investigator (PI) but may have one or more co-PIs.
  4. All funds are awarded for duration of one fiscal year and must be fully expended by June 15 of the current fiscal year.
  5. Approval from your supervisor and department head must be obtained. When faculty and staff from more than one department collaborate, all department heads must approve.
  6. Proposals including a technology component must be reviewed by the Head of I-Tech, or designate, one week prior to submission.

Judging Criteria

The University Libraries Innovation Microgrant Program Review Committee will consist of faculty and staff from across the University Libraries and the Penn State Press to be appointed annually. Each proposal will be evaluated according to the same criteria:

  1. Innovation.
  2. The degree to which the project supports the mission, vision, values and goals in the University Libraries Strategic plan.
  3. The justification or statement of the need for the project, including sustainability or impact.
  4. The presentation and comprehensiveness of the proposal.
  5. The appropriateness of the budgetary request.

Funding Amount:

Funds will be awarded up to $3000.00 for not more than four grants.

If the total budget for the project exceeds $3,000, other sources of funding must be identified on the application form. Commitment from the other sources must be secured before submitting the proposal.

Use of Funds:

Microgrant funds may be used for, but use is not limited to, speakers, facilitators, trainers, consultants, part-time assistance or other personnel, services, equipment or software. Submit questions regarding purchasing, reimbursement, etc. to the Business Office Manager (

Grant funds must be used for the purpose(s) described in the grant proposal. Any changes to the original proposal or funding purpose must be discussed with the Innovation Microgrants Review Committee.


Application Form

To apply, complete the PSUL Innovation Microgrant Application form. You must obtain all signatures, then the original, signed copy should be scanned or sent via campus mail to Sandy Confer, 510 Paterno Library. While you do not need an approval signature from co-investigators, you will need to attach an email to your application from ALL co-investigators indicating that they agree to be part of the microgrant application.

Please note  that if any IRB approval is needed for any part of a microgrant application, detail when this will be secured within your workplan and timeline.



2015 - 2016 Microgrant Program Timeline Chart
Event Deadline
Award Announced: Wednesday, July 1, 2015.
Application Deadline: Final applications are due by 5 p.m. on Friday, July 31, 2015.
Award Notification: Applicants will be notified of award status by Monday, August 31, 2015.
Mid-year reports: Progress reports are due on Friday, January 15, 2016.
Submit reports electronically to the UL Innovation Microgrant Program Review Committee.
Award Period: All microgrant funds must be expended by Thursday, June 30, 2016.
Final Report Final grant reports are due on Friday, July 15, 2016.

Committee Membership

Submit questions regarding the development of your proposal to the members of the Review Committee ( Members of the 2015-2016 Review Committee are:

Jason Reuscher, Chair
Linda Ballinger
Emma Davidson
Stephanie Diaz
Joe Fennewald
Lana Munip
Brett Spencer


Awards / Reports (Staff Only)