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Guide to CumInCAD (Cumulative Index of Computer Aided Architectural Design)

This guide is available as a PDF here:  Guide to CumInCAD (pdf - 174kb)

Open CumInCAD in a separate window.


Why use CumInCAD?

  • Use CumInCAD to locate conference papers and journal articles on computer aided architecture design.
  • Time span: 1998 – current; selective coverage back to 1960.
  • Full text and illustrations are provided for more than half of the journal and conference papers in the database.


Getting Started

main menu screen in CumInCAD database

A) Logging In:  By default, all database users are logged in as guest__anon.  Guests do not have full access to the database.

B) For Full Access, Create a Free Account:  To view abstracts, full-text articles, and to use the advanced searching tools, users must create an account and log in to this account when accessing the database. 

To set up your free account use the New user link.

C) Use the Login/logout link to log in/out of your individual account.

screen shot showing user is logged into the CumInCAD database

D)  When successfully logged in to the database, your user name will appear at the top of the web page.

E)  Click the ‘Use this application as ‘your user name’ to enter the database under your login.




screen shot showing the Search box for the CumInCAD database

A)  Enter terms in the Search for: box to search the abstracts of articles and papers. 
B)  Click on the Search button to execute your search.
C)  Searches done in the current session are saved by CumInCAD.  Use these arrow buttons to scroll through (and reuse) your previous searches.


Search Tips

CumInCAD is very literal and it will search all words that you enter. Searches are conducted across all fields in the database (i.e., author, title, source) and in the article abstracts. Use terms that you think may appear in an article abstract on the topic you are researching.


Search Tips for CumInCAD
 To do this  Use this
Search a single term Type in your term
Search multiple terms Type in terms. Do not use AND, OR, or NOT between your terms
Search an exact phrase Enclose the phrase in quotes (e.g. design studio)
Locate synonyms Type in each synonymous term. Do not use OR. To find all articles on cars, in the search box type: car automobile vehicle
Exclude a word from your search Type a dash and then the search term (e.g. -virtual)
Truncation Use an asterisk to search all variations of a word root (e.g. itelligen* locates both intelligence and intelligent)

Viewing Search Results Pages

screen shot showing search results in the CumInCAD database

A)  Search results are listed in alphabetical order by the first author’s last name. 
B)  To scroll through search result pages use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the search result page.


Viewing Individual Citations

screen shot showing how to view individual citations in the CumInCAD database

A)  Click on this icon to view abstracts and full-text for each 
B)  A link to web page containing full text of article is available on the abstract page
C)  A pdf file of article is available on the abstract page


This guide created by:
S. J. Movahedi-Lankarani