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Find Sheet Music in The CAT

Many libraries at Penn State have collections of sheet music (scores and performance parts). Pattee Library at the University Park campus has a collection of over 30,000 scores and parts (location: Pattee -- Stacks 1A), which are available to all Penn State library users via the I Want It button in The CAT, the library's online catalog.

Scores are organized on the shelves according to the Library of Congress Classification. Click here to see an outline of this shelf arrangement.

To find sheet music (such as scores and music parts):

  • use the ADVANCED search page of The CAT, the library's online catalog
  • change MATERIAL TYPE (below the search boxes) to MUSIC SCORE
  • type your search term(s) in the KEYWORD search boxes
  • You can type title words, composers’ names, or genre words as search terms. 
  • You can combine search terms by typing them in separate search boxes and linking them with AND (at the far right of the search box).

Here are some examples:


a basic search by specifying keyword

Composer and instrument

search by entering both a composer and instrument keyword

Tip: for common music title words such as sonata, symphony, and concerto, use the wildcard symbol $ to find both singular and plural forms of the word.

Composer, title, and instrument

Search by appending a dollar sign to the search term />

Hint: use our wildcard symbol, the dollar sign $, after music title words such as sonata$, concerto$, and symphon$, to find all the scores.