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Cat Ref Collection

Cataloging Reference Shelves

The topic pages within this collection are described below.

Authority Control
Contains policies and procedures for doing authority work and for processing reports supplied by our authority control vendor. For establishing names for contribution to NACO, see the NACO page.

BIBCO is the monographic bibliographic record component of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging at the Library of Congress. BIBCO participants create new bibliographic records or make changes to existing bibliographic records contributed by other libraries, including the Library of Congress.

Call Numbers - Classification and Cuttering
Links from this page include tables for cuttering information, volume designators, portions of selected classification tables and a Location list for items in The CAT.

Electronic Resources Cataloging
Contains policies and procedures for cataloging electronic resources, as well as links to tools and resources relating to electronic resources and metadata.

Internet Tools
Contains links to tools and information for HTML authoring as well as links to search engines/indexes, shareware sites, and Penn State links.

Language Tools
Contains links to dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, and other language reference materials.

Contains links to sites related to cataloging, including professional organizations and information, links to catalogs of other libraries, and other links of interest.

Local Procedures
Information pertaining to the operations of the Department, including information about cataloging rules, handling and routing of materials, and keeping statistics.

MARC Tagging
Contains links to information about the systems most used in Cataloging Services, including tagging manuals and standards, language, geographic and other codes used in MARC records.

Name Authority and NACO Resources
Contains links to documentation and resources used to establish names that Penn State catalogers contribute to the LC National Authority File.

Includes a link to the OCLC Home Page and to documentation, services, tools and information provided by OCLC.

Contains information about Resource Description and Access (RDA), the new cataloging code that will replace AACR2, including a FAQ, links to documentation, training resources, and examples.

Subject Headings
Contains links to documentation and resources relating to subject cataloging.

Team Documentation
Format specific and general cataloging documentation is available on the Team Pages.

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