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Note Order

This document is a general description of the order of notes as prescribed in AACR2. It applies primarily to notes for monographs, but many of the note types are similar for other materials. All of the examples here related to books (including sets), the theses, and to microform reproductions.

The document is based on information collected in Notes in the catalog record ... by Jerry D. Saye and Sherry L. Vellucci. -- Chicago ; London : American Library Association, 1989. CatRef Z693.3.N68S25 1989. This book contains pages of examples for each type of note listed below.


Nature, Scope, or Artistic Form

(AACR 1.7B1, MARC 500)

Rule: Make notes on the nature, scope, or artistic form of the item unless it is apparent from the rest of the description.

MARC coding: For books, these notes are tagged 500, although other fields may be used in other formats.


500 Collection of newspaper articles.

500 Contains essays previously published in various journals, chiefly translated from English, with 3 from French and one from Hebrew.

500 Autobiographical.

500 Libretto of a musical comedy.

500 Collection of speeches.

500 Interviews conducted for French radio in 1952.

500 Catalogue of an exhibition held April 26-June 21, 1981.

500 Papers from the Third International Symposium on Hypertension held in Mexico City, Feb. 12-14, 1979, sponsored by the Instituto Nacional de Cardiología and others.

500 Covers research done up to 1980 for subjects registered for research degrees since 1970.

500 Statistical tables with text.

Additional examples for: Archival Material | Electronic Resources | Maps | Music/AV | Rare Books | Serials


Language of the Item and/or Translation or Adaptation

(AACR 1.7B2, MARC 546, 500)

Rule: Give the language(s) of the item unless it is apparent from the rest of the description.

MARC coding: Use field 546 for a note that names languages; use field 500 for notes that give authors and/or titles of orginals or adaptations.


546 In Hindi.

546 In Serbo-Croatian (Cyrillic)

546 French with some English and Italian.

546 German text, parallel English translation.

546 Text in Greek and English on opposite pages; commentary in English.

546 Preface in English; introd. and text in German.

546 Text in Korean, with a summary in English.

546 Translated from the original Greek.

500 Translation of: Die Weltkirche im 20. Jahrhundert.

500 Adapted of: The wind in the willows / Kenneth Grahame.

500 Based on the novel by L. Frank Baum.

Source of Title Proper

(AACR 1.7B3, MARC 500)

Rule: Make notes on the source of the title proper if it is other than the chief source of information.


500 Caption title.

500 Title from colophon of the facsim. volume.

500 Title, etc., from publisher’s label pasted to the inside of lower cover.

Variations in Title

(AACR 1.7B4, MARC 246, 500)

Rule: Make mokes on titles borne by the item other than the title proper.

MARC coding: When the note includes the title, use field 246, which is inserted immediately following field 245; use field 500 only for general notes (see below).


500 Title varies.

500 Vol. 1 lacks general title.

Parallel Titles and Other Title Information

(AACR 1.7B5, MARC 246, 500)

Rule: Give the title in another language and other title information not recorded in the title and statement of responsibility area if they are considered to be important.

MARC coding: When the note includes the title, use field 246, which is inserted immediately following field 245; use field 500 only for general notes (see below).


500 Parallel title in English, French, and German.

500 Added t.p. in English.

Statements of Responsibility

(AACR 1.7B6, MARC 500)

Rule: Note variant names of persons or bodies named in statements of responsibility if they are considered to be important for identification. Note statements of responsibility not recorded in the title and statement of responsibility area [245]. Note persons or bodies connected with a work not already named in the description. Note persons or bodies connected with previous editions and not already named in the description.

MARC coding: For Books, field 500 is typically used for such notes; other fields (e.g., 508, 511) may be used in other formats.


500 Author's name written on t.p. $5PSt

500 Michael J. Fogg, principal author.

500 "Illustrations by Gary Hebley"--T.p. verso.

500 A publication of the Oklahoma Image Project which is jointly sponsored by the Oklahoma Dept. of Libraries and the Oklahoma Library Association.

500 At head of title: The Chicago Historical Society.

500 Published anonymously. By James Christie. Cf. Dict. nat. biog.

500 Vol. 2- : John A. Scanlan, editor.

500 Author's names in reverse order in 2nd ed.

Edition and History

(AACR 1.7B7, MARC 500)

Rule: Make notes relating to the editon being described or the bibliographic history of the work.


500 Abridged version, with new introductory material and modernized spelling, of Human nature displayed in the history of Myddle.

500 Rev. ed. of: Writer's guide and index to English. 6th ed. c1978.

500 Reprinted from The humanist (London), June 1926.

500 Originally published: West Hartford, Conn. : Witkower Press, c1978.

500 Reprint. Originally published: 2nd ed. entirely rewritten. London : Routledge and Kegan Paul ; New York : E.P. Dutton, 1951.

500 Vol. 6 lacks edition statement.

500 Based on author's Handbook for evaluation of academic programs.

500 Limited ed. of 100 numbered copies, signed by the author.

500 Sequel to the poem by William Roscoe.

500 Kept up to date with cumulative supplements.

Material (or Type of Publication) Specific Details

(AACR 1.7B8)

Rule: Make notes giving details that are specific to the material format being described.

Note: This refers to notes on Area 3 of the description: field 254 (Music), 255 (Maps), 256 (Computer files) and 362 (Serials). This type of note is not applicable to Books.


Publication, Distribution, Etc.

(AACR 1.7B9, MARC 500)

Rule: Make notes on publication, distribution, etc., details not already included in the publication, etc., area and considered to be important.


500 Imprint from label.

500 Vol. 2 published: San Diego : A.S. Barnes ; London : Tantivy Press.

500 "Published for the Company of Biologists Limited."

500 "Privately printed."

500 "August 1980."

Physical Description

(AACR 1.7B10, MARC 500)

Rule: Make notes on important physical details that are not included in the physical description area [300].

MARC coding: For Books, use field 500; for other formats, other fields might be applicable (e.g., 538 for electronic resources).


500 No more published.

500 Issued in case (31 x 26 cm.)

500 Three folded plans in pocket.

500 Printed on double leaves.

500 Large print.

500 Vols. 1-8 paged continuously (xcvi, 8974 p.)

500 Plated I-II accompanied by transparent folded guard sheets with outline drawings.

500 "Addenda" (3 p.) inserted.

Accompanying Material

(AACR 1.7B11, MARC 500, 590)

Rule: Make notes on the location of accompanying material if appropriate. Give details of accompanying material neither mentioned in the physical description area [300] nor given a separate description.

MARC coding: Use field 500 for notes that apply to the item as issued; use field 590 for notes about the location of the accompanying material for the copy in hand. Place all local notes (59X) at the end of the notes.

Use the appropriate fields for notes on accompanying material in nonbook formats, e.g., use field 538 for system requirements notes for accompanying computer disks.


500 Accompanied by "Executive summary and addendum" (iv, 26 leaves) by L.B. Hunter.

500 Addenda ([4] p.) inserted.

500 Ten maps inserted in portfolio.

590 Charts in pocket. [Issued loose; locally made pocket]

500 Supplement, issued March 1981 (86 p.)

538 System requirements for CD-ROM: IBM PC; VGA monitor; CD-ROM drive.


(AACR 1.7B12, MARC 500)

Rule: Make notes on series data that cannot be given in the series area.

MARC coding: Use field 500 for notes that cannot be given in 490; however, see the final example below.


500 Vols. 5-7 lack series statement.

500 "A Scientific American book."

500 Vols. 3-5: Segunda serie.

490 Vol. 2- : NEA research memo


(AACR 1.7B13, MARC 502, 500)

Rule: When the item is a dissertation or thesis presented as part of the requirements for an academic degree, give a note that identified the degree, the institution and the date granted.

MARC coding: Use field 502 when the item is the thesis itself; use field 500 when the item is based on or a revision of the thesis.


502 Thesis (Ph.D.)--Pennsylvania State University, 2001.

502 Thesis (licenciatura)--Universidad de Oviedo, 1977.

502 Habilitationsschrift--Munish, 1980.

500 Revision of the author's thesis (M.A.--Monash University, 1961)

500 Originally presented as the author's thesis (Ph.D.--Vanderbilt University, 1980)


(AACR 1.7B14, MARC 521)

Rule: Make a brief note of the intended audience for, or intellectual level of, an item if this is supplied by the item.

MARC coding: Use field 521; you may well find this information given in field 500 on copy; there is not need to change the tag.


521 For grades 1-3.

521 "For mental health, health, and human services professionals."

Reference to Published Descriptions

(AACR 1.7B15, MARC 510)

Rule: Note the location of published descriptions of the item.

Note: Typically this field is used only for Serials and for Rare Books and Archives.


510 4 Sabin|c11533.

510 3 Hiler, H. Bibl. of costume.

Other Formats

(AACR 1.7B16, MARC 530)

Rule: Give the details of other formats in which the content of the item has been issued.

MARC coding: Use field 530. This note is often found in field 500 on copy; it is not necessary to change the tag.


530 Also issued on microfiche.

530 Also available on the World Wide Web on the Bureau of Crime Statistics site.


(AACR 1.7B17, MARC 520)

Rule: Give a brief objective summary of the item’s content unless another part of the description provides enough information.


520 An introduction to jazz, focusing on its historical development and famous performers.

520 Activities, projects, and games for indoors and out when it snows.


(AACR 1.7B18, MARC 505, 504, 500)

Rule: List the contents of an item, either selectively or fully, if it is considered necessary to show the presence of material not implied by the rest of the description; to stress items of particular importance; or to list the contents of a collection.

MARC coding: Use field 505 for lists of contents, complete or incomplete or partial. Use field 504 for bibliography notes and field 500 for miscellaneous notes about the contents (addenda, errata, indexes, advertisements, etc.).


505 0 Bk. 1-2. 1858-1881 -- Bk. 3. 1881-1889 -- Bk. 4. 1890-1900.

505 00 |tBird of paradise /|r by Franklin Rosemont -- |tPorcupines /|rby Franklin Rosemont --|tTo begin then, not now /|rby Philip Lamantia --|tHero among the signs /|r[Hal Rammel]

505 1 v. 3. Asia / by D.A. Canedo, D. Waltisperger.

505 2 "Table of cases": p. xiii-xvii.

500 Appendix (p. [113]-173) includes related documents.

504 Includes bibliographical references (p. 146-163) and index.

Numbers Borne by the Item (Other than Standard Numbers)

(AACR 1.7B19, MARC 0XX, 500)

Rule: Note important numbers, other than ISBNs or ISSNs, borne by the item. This sometimes includes alphabetic or alphanumeric combinations rather than just numbers.

MARC coding: Numbers are often coded in an appropriate 0XX fields, e.g., 088 for report numbers. Use field 500 for quoted notes and for types of numbers that don’t fit any of the 0XX fields.


500 "DOD-D-1000/DOD-STD-100/includes metric."

086 0 I 19.2:M 32/13

088 NASA-RP-1124-REV-3

Copy Being Described, Library’s Holdings, and Restrictions on Use

(AACR 1.7B20, MARC 590, 506)

Rule: Give important descriptive details of the particular copy being described. Indicate any restrictions on the use of the item. [Ignore “Library’s Holdings” as this is covered in item and holdings records, not the bibliographic record.]

MARC coding: Use any 5XX field that is appropriate for the type of information being given, e.g., use field 506 for restrictions on access and use; if the information applies only to the Penn State copy(s), add “|5PSt” following the note. Use field 590 (without subfield |5) when none of the other fields seems appropriate. Order of notes depends on the type of information given; follow the order of notes specified above.


590 Copy no. 27, signed by the author.

500 Copy imperfect; p. 91-94 bound upside down. |5PSt

530 Use copy: Photocopy. [University Park, Pa.] : Preservation Dept., Penn State University Libraries, 1999. |5PSt

"With" Notes

(AACR 1.7B21, MARC 501, 591)

Rule: If the physical item is described by more than one bibliographic record, make a note of the other titles on each of the records.

MARC coding: Usually items issued together without a collective title are described on a single record; when multiple records have been used, use field 501 for the “with” notes. For titles that have been described in separate records and bound together after publication, use field 591. Typically, the note includes the title and statement of responsibility, edition, and publication areas for the items being cited.


591 Bound with: An enquiry into the evidence of Archbishop Cranmer's recantation ... / by William Whiston ... London : Printer for John Whiston ..., 1736.

Combined Notes Relating to a Reproduction

(AACR 1.7B22/LCRI 11.0, MARC 533)

Rule: When applying the LCRI to 11.0 (i.e., when describing a reproduction according to US practice), give in a single note all the details relating to the reproduction and its publication/availability.


533 Microform. |bWashington, D.C.:|cLibrary of Congress Preservation Microfilming Program : Available from Library of Congress Photoduplication Service,|d1992.|e1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.

Item Described

(AACR 1.7B23, MARC 500)

Rule: If the description is not based on the first issue, part, or iteration, identify the issue, part, or iteration used as the basis of the description.


500 Description based on: Part 2, published 1998.