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Greek Transliteration Table

Greek Transliteration Table
Greek Letter English transliteration Character Name Notes
Α, α A, a Alpha  
Β, β B, b Beta "V" in Modern Greek
Γ, γ G, g Gamma  
Δ, δ D, d Delta  
Ε, ε E, e Epsilon  
Ζ, ζ Z, z Zeta  
Η, η Ē, ē Eta Long e
Θ, θ Th, th Theta  
Ι, ι I, i Iota  
Κ, κ K, k Kappa  
Λ, λ L, l Lambda  
Μ, μ M, m Mu  
Ν, ν N, n Nu  
Ξ, ξ X, x Xi  
Ο, ο O, o Omicron  
Π, π P, p Pi  
Ρ, ρ R, r Rho  
Σ, σ S, s Sigma At the end of the word sigma may appear as "ς"
Τ, τ T, t Tau  
Υ, υ Y, y Upsilon Transliterate as "u" in diphthong with "o"
Φ, φ Ph, ph Phi  
X, x Ch, ch Chi  
Ψ, ψ Ps, ps Psi  
Ω, ω Ō, ō Omega Long o