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Fixed Fields

Fixed Field Elements
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Bib_Lvl      -- Bibliographic Level
Ctry            -- Country of Publication, etc.
Date1         -- Date 1
Date2         -- Date 2
Dat_Tp      -- Type of Date/Publication Status
Enc_Lvl     -- Encoding Level
Lang          -- Language Code
Rec_Type -- Type of Record

Links go to OCLC Bib Formats & Standards
See Fixed Fields Cheat Sheets for More:
Computer Files
Monographs (Books)
Sound Recordings

Also see Cat Ref MARC Tagging

A. General Information


B. Processing Instructions

Records input before 1992 may contain incomplete or inaccurate information in Dat_Tp, Date1 and Date2. Verify Dat_Tp, Date1 and Date2. Correct any inaccuracies.

From 4/10/01 Original Catalogers Meeting Notes:

"The group discussed what fields should be examined and updated when doing copy cataloging. Our recommendation for the Books format is that only the date codes (DateType, Date1 and Date2) and Language be checked. We decided that it was not worth updating the Country code, even if that code was "xx[blank]" and that the other codes could be accepted from copy. The appropriate Team will make similar recommendations for their formats."

Micro-Reproduction Copy

PSU does not treat micro-reproductions as type r, but OCLC does. Update Dat_Tp, Date1 and Date2 according to the instructions in Bibliographic Processing Cataloging Rules: Fixed Fields for microform copy.


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