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Using Oops


Use OOPS to report mistakes, such as spelling errors, in a record to Cataloging staff. Prefer using one of the online maintenance forms (staff only), if possible, for requests affecting library holdings.

How to send an OOPS message:

Display the single record that contains an error in The CAT.

Note: you must do the OOPS message from a single "Record" rather than from a list of citations so the system will know which record contains the problem. If multiple records contain the problem, you can send multiple OOPS messages.

Click on the OOPS button in the navigation bar. A second window will pop open with three fill-in boxes: call number, item ID, and Problem Description.

The call number and item ID fields will be automatically filled in with the first call number and item ID associated with the displayed title. Be aware that if you are a faculty/staff member using the OOPS button to report a problem with a specific call number/item ID for your location, the call number/item ID automatically inserted may or may not be the call number/item ID assigned to your item. You may edit them as needed.

If you are a library patron or a faculty/staff member who is not reporting a problem or maintenance request on a specific call number or item ID, accept what is automatically input and type your message in the Problem Description box.

What to type:

Your message. User ID/Library Location (if faculty/staff)

Click on the Submit Oops Report button to send message. Maintenance requests affecting holdings will not be processed if faculty/staff identification is not present.

If you are submitting a message through OOPS and are not faculty/staff, include your e-mail adress if you would like feedback on your message or question.

Untied States should be United States in title [Submit Oops Report]

System Response:
Thanks for the info...

Following are some additional examples of Oops messages that campus staff might use to request holdings updates:

[Record of withdrawn item called up on screen in The WebCat]

Fayette has withdrawn both copies; barcodes 31114158 and 31110983 [User ID/Library Location], or

DuBois has withdrawn v.1; barcode # 31433785 [User ID/Library Location], or

Great Valley has withdrawn 1995 issue [User ID/Library Location], or

Withdraw for Lehigh Valley; barcode # 31114189 [User ID/Library Location]

If more than one copy of the item is owned and only one is being withdrawn, the withdrawing location must state which barcode belongs to the copy being withdrawn, or state that the item is unbarcoded, in which case a system generated item id has been assigned to it in WorkFlows that could be included in the message.

Hazleton has withdrawn copy 2; Item ID 1485941-4001 [User ID/Library Location]

If the location requesting the withdrawal owns more than one copy of the item - each having a different call number - it must specify which copy is to be withdrawn from the record.

Mont Alto has withdrawn copy with call # PA260.F38 [User ID/Library Location]

It is not necessary to note if the item being withdrawn is a "last copy" since that will be evident to the person in Cataloging handling the Oops request once the record is called up on the screen.