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Global Item Modification Wizard

Global Item Modification wizard icon in Items Group

The Global Item Modification wizard is best used when one or more of the same types of edits need to be made on multiple volumes/titles (e.g., Item library, Home location, Item type, Circulate status). The wizard is located in the Items Group of the Cataloging toolbar. It can be especially useful when transferring items to/from the Annex or another area of your Library, such as ref to stacks or stacks to ref.

Global Item Modification wizard Set Properties window




If you will always be making the same changes, you may make them your default Item Values by right clicking on the wizard and setting the properties prior to opening the wizard.

After opening the wizard, if you have not set default values, determine which common Item Values you will be changing for your titles/volumes in hand, making the appropriate selections from the drop down menus for those values.



Global Item Modification wizard edit options



Entering an Item ID in the Global Item Modification wizard



Once the Item Values to Modify are set, scan or key in the barcode number for the first item whose values you want to change in the Item ID box. Click Modify or press Enter. The first title/volume will be listed with its modified values shown beneath it.



Globel Item Modification wizard Helpers


Continue to scan or key in the barcodes of subsequent titles for which you wish to make the same changes. Each one will be added to the titles list. If you would like to print out a list of your titles and their modifications, use the Print helper at the top of the wizard window. You may preview what will be printed by clicking on the Print Preview helper to the right of the Print icon.

Modify Selected Items and Change Item ID are the first two helpers shown.

Modify Selected Items allows your chosen Item Values to be applied to multiple item records associated with a single title at the same time. It is especially helpful when making changes to item information for large monographic sets or serial titles. Instead of entering an Item ID to modify immediately once you open the wizard, click the helper and search for the title having item info you wish to modify. Check the boxes next to the appropriate items and then click Next or press Enter. Make sure you choose items only for the Library location whose holdings you are modifying.

Global Item Modification wizard interface for selecting items to modify from a single record

Once you click on Next or press Enter, your new Item Values will be applied to all items checked.


Global Item Modification wizard Change Item ID helper interface

The Change Item ID helper allows you to change the barcode of an item. If you don’t know the Existing item ID, you can search for it using the Item Search helper; however, best practice would be to have items in hand when replacing barcodes. It may be easier to use the Call Number and Item Maintenance or Edit Item wizard to change an Item ID.