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Penn State University Libraries

Database Troubleshooting FAQs

Using the LIAS-VPN can often resolve problems with accessing library databases from off-campus, including firewall issues. The VPN provides more seamless access to databases and other resources.


Download and install the VPN client software at (at that page, select Connecting to Penn State, then VPN — Virtual Private Network).


To connect to the LIAS-VPN:


  1. Open the VPN client on your computer (look for the program named "Cisco Systems VPN Client").
  2. In the Connection Entry box, scroll to the bottom, select LIAS-VPN, then click Connect.
  3. You will be prompted for your PSU Access Account ID and password.
  4. The VPN connection will automatically initiate.  You should then be able to successfully access all library databases.

Note: If you are using single sign on and experience issues, try clearing your cookies and cache in your browser.


Using a Mac?  Try these VPN instructions.

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