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Penn State University Libraries


Faculty, Staff, Wage, and Work-Study Employees

The Digitization and Preservation Department is staffed by a combination of faculty, staff, wage, and work-study student employees. Job postings for these positions can be found on the University Libraries Human Resources Web pages.


Paid internships are occasionally available within the department. The University Libraries annually recruits Bednar interns; this program enables undergraduate students to participate in an active and collaborative learning experience and gain valuable career skills.


A "volunteer" is an unpaid employee who participates in programs or projects that supplement or complement the work of our paid staff and faculty. All volunteers must be approved by University Libraries Human Resources and the Special Collections Library administration. Contact us if you are interested in volunteering.

Job Enrichment for Libraries Faculty and Staff

Interested in learning new skills and gaining work experience in the Digitization and Preservation Department? Contact me for more information.