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Bindery and Collections Care Glossary of Terms


Buckram Binding – a type of material covering.  Designed to withstand wear and tear; resists water, mold, and UV light.

Cloth Binding – a lighter weight fabric used for book covers; a term used indiscriminately for any clothbound volume.

Collate - to examine (gathered sheets) in order to arrange them in proper sequence before binding.

Deacidification – a process to neutralize the acid of published paper.

Double Fan Adhesive Binding –  adhesive is applied to both edges of the textblock, thereby hinging each loose page to a thin film of adhesive.

Encapsulation - a preservation process that provides greater support to a document that is in fragile condition.  It is a process that allows a fragile document to be sealed between two sheets of polyester film for protective viewing and ease of handling.

Kapco – a type of material covering which entails a reinforced plastic sheeting that encases a paperback book.

LBI - Library Binding Industry

Phase Box – a simple, relatively inexpensive box designed to offer immediate, short-term protection of books, scrapbooks, albums, and other bound items.

Picture Cover Binding – introduced in 2003 by Wert Bookbinding, Grantville, Pa.  Original cover is copied onto a new reinforced paper based cover material.  The Picture Cover is then used in place of a book cloth to make a new hard cover for the bound text block.

Pockets – added after binding to hold music parts or additional accompanying materials.

Retain all - Generally cloth bound or bound in a manner that retains all parts of the original book as much as possible.

Shrinkwrap  -- a protective wrapping for material consisting of a clear plastic film that is wound about the item and then shrunk by heat to form a sealed, tight-fitting package.

Stubbing – process of adding sheets of paper to textblock to accommodate inserts. Added to allow for extra thickness for part pieces.

Textblock – a gathering of printed or written pages that may be or have been bound, excluding all paper to be added by the bookbinder such as the endpapers.