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Penn State University Libraries


Collections Care uses the Bookkeeper's™ Deacidification Spray System for both single items or volumes no more than 3 lbs. 

Deacidification is a process whereby library materials are treated to neutralized harmful acids in the paper in order to safeguard the paper from further acidic deterioration. The treatment extends the life remaining in the paper, but does not reverse any deterioration that may have taken place already. Depending on the type of paper, the useful life of the book can be extended three to five times longer than if left untreated.

In January 1999, the University Libraries launched its mass deacidification service. Based on years of testing and experimenting with various deacidification processes, Preservation Technologies, L.P's Bookkeeper process was chosen as our preferred method for treating acidic materials.

For complete details on our program and operational procedures, see “Combating whole-book deterioration: the rebinding & mass deacidification program at the Penn State University Libraries", Library Resources & Technical Services, volume 43, number 3 (July 1999), pages 170-177. Information about the Bookkeeper system is available from the Preservation Technologies' web site.