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Penn State University Libraries

Digital Conversion Equipment



Epson Expression 10000XL Flatbed Scanner
Each staff workstation is equipped with an Epson Expression 10000XL scanner, which is our primary scanning tool. These scanners can scan images of up to 11” x 17”, and some are equipped with specialty lids capable of scanning transparencies.

Fujitsu FI-6770A Production Scanner
The Fujitsu FI-6770A is a high volume sheet-fed production scanner capable of scanning up to 90 pages per minute, double-sided and in color. Scanning on this machine requires that the pages be unbound, so it is most suitable to loose papers or books that can be unbound for the purpose.

Böwe Bell+Howell Infinity WF Scanner
The Infinity is a wide format sheet-fed scanner capable of scanning oversized maps, posters, and other images up to 42” in size.

Better Light Super 8000-HS Digital Camera
One of our most impressive pieces of equipment, the Better Light digital camera is a high-performance camera equipped with a 256 megapixel digital scanning back that translates the camera’s photographs into high-resolution digital images, allowing us to digitally capture objects that are either too large for our other equipment or too delicate to handle the stresses of other methods of image capture.

Kodak iQsmart3 Slide Scanner
The Kodak iQsmart is a super high-resolution flatbed slide scanner. With this scanner, we can capture digital images of slides and blow them up to poster size, or zoom in on them for remarkable detail.



HP Color LaserJet 5550dn Printer
Our everyday workhorse printer, the 5550dn prints both black & white and color, up to 11” x 17”. Color reproduction is quite good; we print small flyers, exhibit images, postcards and booksmarks on this printer, as well as standard office print jobs.

HP DesignJet z6100 Printer
Our high-performance wide format scanner, this machine can create prints up to 44 inches wide and theoretically up to 100 feet long (the length of a roll of DesignJet paper). We once printed a timeline banner over 37 feet long! The color reproduction is exquisite, and it can print on high gloss paper, tyvek, vinyl, and canvas as well as standard heavy paper. We use this printer for photography and fine arts reproductions as well as large format printing.

HP Photosmart Pro B9180 Printer
The Photosmart Pro is our smaller photo printer, which can produce images up to 12” x 19” with quality equal to the DesignJet. When producing smaller volumes of photo- to flyer-sized prints, this printer saves a great deal of paper compared to the DesignJet.



OCLC CONTENTdm Digital Collection Management Software

CONTENTdm is our principal digital collections publishing platform, hosting many of our collections such as La Vie Online, the Pennsylvania Agricultural Cooperative Extension Records, and the Pennsylvania Geological Survey. The Penn State Libraries host digital collections on our own servers running the CONTENTdm software. Items are uploaded to the collections using a client-side application that allows file structuring and metadata inclusion as well as optical character recognition (OCR) through a plug-in provided by ABBYY FineReader. We currently run CONTENTdm version 5.2.

Olive ActivePaper Archive

Olive ActivePaper Archive is the collections management solution supporting most of our digital newspaper collections, including the Historic Digital Collegian and the Pennsylvania Civil War Newspapers. It allows for segmentation of newspapers at the article level, optical character recognition, and word-by-word searching of the archives.

DPubS Digital Publishing System

DPubS is an open-source publishing system designed by Cornell University in partnership with the Penn State Libraries, with the intention of offering an affordable scholarly publishing platform to the greater education community. DPubS uses XML mark-up to format metadata so that it can be displayed and used in many ways, from publishing a table of contents in your browser to a full-featured content management system. Our DPubS collections include Penn State Romance Studies and the annual conference proceedings for the Women in Engineering ProActive Network (WEPAN).

Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium

Adobe’s Creative Suite software, including Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Fireworks, forms the core of our image processing workflow. Acrobat allows us to assemble and edit PDFs. We use InDesign for print layout. Dreamweaver is a web design program. Illustrator and Photoshop are used for image creation and editing. The vast majority of the files that come through our office are touched by one or more of the programs in this suite of applications.


Other Equipment

Ultrasonic Welder for Polyester Film Encapsulation (Model OT-D4 -- open throat design)

As opposed to lamination, which melts a piece of plastic to an item, thus permanently damaging it, this ultrasonic welder, also known as an encapsulator, allows us to perform an archivally sound process that seals materials between sheets of polyester mylar film, saving the materials from wear, tear, and exposure. The encapsulator can secure any document from the size of a postage stamp to a 42 inch oversized wall map. It is also capable of internal, spot, and free-form wells, allowing multiple documents and irregularly sized objects to be encapsulated in separate pockets on a single large polyester sheet.

EIZO S2432W Monitors

A new investment in 2009, these 24 inch high-performance professional-grade monitors allow us to see the true quality and colors of the image files we handle on a daily basis. Using them, we can perfectly calibrate the display of images on-screen with the way they will display in print, and the extra screen real estate of a 24 inch monitor has greatly improved workflow.

Wacom Intuos3 Pen Tablet

Pen tablets are flat equipped with a pen-shaped stylus you can use to control the cursor on the computer screen. These tablets have given us greater precision when working with image files as well as improving our workspace ergonomics by providing an alternative to the computer mouse.