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Penn State University Libraries



1.  Avoid storing paper documents and records in areas subjected to extremes of temperature and relative humidity.


2.  Paper fares best if stored at or below 70 degrees F and at or below 50%

relative humidity.


    Photographs should be stored at temperatures at or below 60 degrees F

    and at or below 30% relative humidity.


3.  Avoid exposing paper materials to direct sunlight, spotlights and fluorescent bulbs.  Use filters to absorb harmful ultraviolet light.


4.  Handle paper documents carefully and safely. Treat paper items with the same care as you would more obviously treasured items.


5.  Keep food, drink and smoke away from your collection.


6.  Repair, only when necessary, using non-damaging acid-free supplies.  Make sure that all repairs are reversible.  Contact a trained conservator for advice before attempting a repair.


7.  Unfold paper items and store flat in archival quality acid-free storage boxes.

Remember to remove staples, paper clips, pins, and rubber bands before storing. -   ยทยท


8.  Interleave acid-free tissue paper or acid-free buffered paper between documents.  This will prevent the transfer of acids and other contaminants from one document to another.