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Preservation, Conservation and Digitization

A Selected On-line Resource Listing

Top ten list you can do to preserve family and special collections:

  1.  Provide the right environment - 60 to 70° F 1 40 to 50°/o Rh
  2.  Avoid light - store ·in dark
  3.  Zip it - isolate infected materials immediately
  4.  Use archival quality products - buy from reputable vendors
  5.  Never use tape or glue. Never laminate.  If it's not reversible, don't use it!
  6.  Label carefully and accurately- use pencil not pen
  7.  Handle with care - wash hands, handle by edges or margins
  8.  Avoid paper clips, rubber bands and staples
  9.  Make use copies
  10.  Digitizing doesn't mean that you preserved it!

Some good places for you to look  on-line:

American Institute for Conservation

Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute

Conservation OnLine

Northeast Document Conservation Center