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Pennsylvania German Broadsides and Fraktur


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Sandra Stelts
Curator, Rare Books and Manuscripts
Special Collections Library
The Pennsylvania State University
104 Paterno Library
University Park, PA 16802-1808
Phone: (814) 865-1793
Fax: (814) 863-5318

Preservation, digitization, and collections care:

Digitization and Preservation Department
University Libraries
The Pennsylvania State University
402 Pattee Library
University Park, PA 16802-1808
Phone: (814) 863-8331
Fax: (814) 865-8769



Project leader: Sandra Stelts, Curator, Rare Books and Manuscripts, Special Collections Library, University Libraries

Research and descriptive work: Anthony Tedeschi, Intern, School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Metadata and content providers: Susan Hamburger, Manuscripts Cataloging Librarian; Anne Copeland, Special Collections Cataloger; Ken Robinson, John Hamilton, and Jeff Edmunds, Cataloging Specialists, Cataloging Services, University Libraries

Metadata consultants: Jin Ma, Electronic Resources Cataloging Librarian; Jeff Edmunds, Cataloging Specialist, Cataloging Services, University Libraries

EAD finding aid: Susan Hamburger, Manuscripts Cataloging Librarian, Cataloging Services, University Libraries

Image capture and manipulation: Curt Krebs, Digital Preservation Scanning Technician; Ron Gruici and John Veldhoen, Preservation Department, University Libraries; the late R. Aaron Rottner-Schumacher, Special Collections Library

Digital preservation and imaging consultants: Sue Kellerman, Head, Preservation Department; Larry Wentzel, Digital Preservation Coordinator; Josh Kirby and Heather Solimini, Digital Preservation Scanning Technicians, Preservation Department, University Libraries

Preservation assistance: Diane Kurtz, Collections Care Supervisor; Shaniqua Jones, Preservation Department, University Libraries

Technical support: Linda Klimczyk, Lead Systems Analyst, Department of Information Technologies, University Libraries; Joni Barnoff, Senior Research Programmer; Steve Baylis, Information Technology Planning Analyst, Digital Libraries Technologies, University Libraries

Web site design: Becky Spitler, Bednar Intern for Digital Technologies in the Humanities; Larry Wentzel, Digital Preservation Coordinator; Heather Solimini, Digital Preservation Scanning Technician, Preservation Department, University Libraries

Interactive design: Becky Spitler, Bednar Intern for Digital Technologies in the Humanities, Preservation Department, University Libraries

Scholarly assistance: the late Carola Wessel, German-American Broadsides Project, Göttingen State and University Library, Göttingen, Germany; A. Greg Roeber, Professor of History and Head, Max Kade German-American Research Institute, Penn State University; Ron Lieberman, proprietor, The Family Album, Kinzer, Pennsylvania