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Penn State University Libraries


student reading the newspaper

Centre Daily Times Obituaries Index, 1937-1995 & 2011

The Index includes obituaries or death notices included in the obituary section of the Centre Daily Times, 1937-1995 & 2010-2011. It does not include news stories about deaths that appeared in other sections.

clarion abandoned mine map

Index of Abandoned Mine Maps in Pennsylvania

This index to the maps of abandoned mines in Pennsylvania is intended to help in the identification and location of existing mine maps. The index was created in 1998 and represents over 11,000 abandoned mine maps available in repositories throughout the Commonwealth.

aerial view of Three Mile Island

TMI - 2 Clean-up Highlights Program

The Pennsylvania State University Libraries have acquired several thousand of the videotapes, reports, and photographs that were generated during the 1979-1990 cleanup and recovery of the Three Mile Island 2 (TMI-2) nuclear reactor. All of the materials are available for public use, and the contents of the videotape and report collections are searchable through two separate databases that are available on this web site.