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University Libraries Diversity Colloquium

2015 University Libraries Diversity Research and Programming Colloquium

May 21, 2:00-3:30 pm, Foster Auditorium and via MediaSite Live

Resources for Web Accessibility and Libraries (ALA Carnegie-Whitney Grant)
Dawn Amsberry/Binky Lush (University Park)

The Avery Monument: The Elevation of Race in Public Sculpture and the Republican Party
Henry Pisciotta (University Park)  

Created Equal: America’s Civil Rights Struggle
Greg Crawford (Penn State Harrisburg)

Reviewing Video Accessibility Among All R1 Public Universities
Amanda Clossen (University Park)

Belly Dance Styles: My Presentation for and Work with the Penn State Belly Dance Club
Pembroke Childs (University Park)


2014 University Libraries Diversity Research and Programming Colloquium

April 9, 2:00-3:30 pm, Foster Auditorium, 102 Paterno Library and via MediaSite Live

Asian American Academic Library Leadership, Binh Le
Numerous factors (e.g., racism, sexism, and the glass ceiling) have been advanced to explain the underrepresentation of Asian Americans in leadership positions in various professions, including the library profession in the United States.  This presentation discusses one of the causes of the underrepresentation of Asian Americans in academic library leadership.  Specifically, it will examine how Asian American cultural traditions may have played a major role in this phenomenon.

Daniel Murray, Billie Walker
This presentation focuses on Daniel Murray, one of the 1st African-Americans to hold a professional position at the Library of Congress.  In 1899, Murray compiled a collection of books and pamphlets by black authors for an exhibition of "Negro Authors" at the 1900 Paris Exposition. Murray published a preliminary list of titles in 1900.  The titles became the core of the Library of Congress's "Colored Authors' Collection." Although Murray planned to expand his collection and create an encyclopedia of African-American achievement, the project never received sufficient support to become a reality.

The Penn State Libraries Diversity Residency Program, Mike Furlough
This presentation will offer an overview of and observations on the Libraries Residency Program:  how it came to be, what it aims to do, how it is running, and where the Libraries could take it.

Lightning Talks by current Diversity Residents, Rachel Smith and Mohamed Berray to follow. 

2014 University Libraries’ Climate and Diversity Survey, John Meier
This presentation will focus on the preliminary results from the 2014 University Libraries’ Climate and Diversity Survey.  With almost 250 responses from all campus locations, there are indicators of how far we have come from the 2007 survey and the challenges we still have for the future.


2013 University Libraries Diversity Research and Programming Colloquium

April 3, 2:00 - 3:30 pm, Foster Auditorium, 102 Paterno Library and via MediaSite Live

MediaSite Live Recording

Creating Accessible Learning Objects
Amanda Clossen, Learning Design Librarian, Library Learning Services
Creating tutorial videos for people with disabilities might sound like an impossibility, but by making a few changes in the way we create screencasts, it is possible to create videos that are accessible to individuals with a wide range of abilities. In this presentation, Amanda will bring these seemingly minor details to light, as well as demonstrate captioning software, demonstrating the tools to create tutorials that support the widest possible range of users.

Black Studies at Penn State: A Case Study

Jeff Knapp, Reference & Instruction Librarian, Penn State Altoona and Alexander Kinney, Undergraduate Student, Letters, Arts, & Sciences
Jeff Knapp has embedded with the Integrative Social Science Research (ISSR) Lab at Penn State Altoona, created by Dr. Nicholas Rowland (Sociology) and Dr. Eric Charles (Psychology), and has had the opportunity to work closely with some highly engaged and motivated undergraduate students on their research projects. For the last two years, Jeff has been helping Alex Kinney with a case study for his undergraduate thesis project, examining the growth and proliferation of Black Studies programs at universities in the United States. With Jeff's help, Alex heavily utilized archival resources from the Eberly Family Special Collections Library at University Park to research the history and development of Black Studies at Penn State and to gain a better understanding of its successes and failures. 

An Academic Library in Taiwan: Merging Heritage with Emerging Technology
Tierney Lyons, Reference Librarian, Penn State Worthington Scranton
While spending two weeks in Taiwan and talking to academic librarians, faculty, and students there, Tierney learned that it’s a culture where education is paramount. University libraries and their print collections are heavily used, but the librarians do no take that for granted. They focus on face-to-face instruction and outreach while having a robust social media presence and digitization projects. This presentation provides examples of how university library staffers effortlessly balance traditional education methods with current innovation in both their scholarship and service.

The Global Awareness Dialogue Project
Paula Smith, Reference Librarian, Abington College Library
The Global Awareness Dialogue Project (GADP) is a professional development program that facilitates interaction and dialogue among Penn State Abington faculty to exchange ideas on contemporary global issues impacting our campus, community, nation and world. The GADP was created in response to our growing international and diverse student body and the chance to improve our collective global understanding and competencies. This project is the result of a unique collaboration between Penn State Abington's Office of Global Programs, the library, and the international centers of the University of Pennsylvania to engage Penn State Abington faculty in the ongoing goals to internationalize the campus by designing a series focused on pedagogy and global awareness.

Indigenous Knowledge and the Libraries
Helen Sheehey, Head, Social Sciences and Donald W. Hamer Map Libraries, and Amy Paster, Head, Life Sciences Library
In 2010 the Interinstitutional Consortium on Indigenous Knowledge approached the University Libraries to establish a collaborative relationship designed to promote the integration of indigenous knowledge in the academy.  The partnership has grown to include acquisitions of new collections, sponsorship of numerous workshops and seminars, student outreach initiatives, and a new collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution. This talk will highlight a few of those initiatives and where the collaboration hopes to go in the future.

Strategies for Encouraging World Campus Students to Use Library Resources
Karen Hagemeier Jensen, Library Coordinator, Donald W. Hamer Maps Library
This presentation reports on the results of surveys of library usage by diverse students in the World Campus course EGEE 120 (Oil: International Evolution). As a TA for the course Karen has surveyed students over the past four semesters, had discussions on the positives and drawbacks to the online resources the library has available, and made adjustments to guide the students to quality resources.


2012 University Libraries Diversity Research and Programming ColloquiumRequest resource in an alternative format

MediaSite Live Presentation

Out Behind the Desk: Workplace Issues for LGBTQ Librarians

By Kimberli Morris and Matthew Ciszek

Video Captioning--You Can Do It!
By Cheri Banks and Harlan Ritchey

Speaking Up: Empowering Individuals to Promote Tolerance in the Academic Library
By Jeff Knapp, Loanne Snavely, and Linda Klimczyk

Civility @ Our Libraries
By The University Libraries Civility Team

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

By Binky Lush

L.E.A.D: Latino Engagement and Academic Development
By Gabriel Piza and Eric Novotny


2009 University Libraries Diversity Research and Programming ColloquiumRequest resource in an alternative format

Materials for Cochlear Implant Users
By Cheri Banks, Susan Hayya, Amanda Maple, and Steven Herb

Women's Suffrage Display in the Social Sciences Library
By Heather Ross

From Librarian to Laoshi--and Back Again
By Joe Fennewald

Creating Diversity Themed Displays to Fit a Small Space
By John J. Meier  

Focus on International Students
By Dawn Amsberry, Denise Conklin, Sylvia MacKinnon, Doris Malkmus, and Emily Rimland

Social Technology Lessons Learned from the Obama 08 Presidential Campaign
by Alexia Hudson


2008 University Libraries Diversity Research and Programming ColloquiumRequest resource in an alternative format

Welsh in Your Library: A Brief Overview of Available Language Materials
By Pembroke Childs

Penn State Harrisburg: What's Happening in Diversity?
by Gregory A. Crawford, Ph.D.

From Pollination to Liquidation: The Museum as Organism
by Michael Thomas Cherry

Documenting Title IX Advances Utilizing College and University Archival Collections
by Jackie R. Esposito