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Creating Diversity Themed Displays to Fit a Small Space

This presentation was created by John Meier of the Physical and Mathematical Sciences Library.

Topic of the presentation:

  • How John Meier created two small displays in his library with diversity themes.

The Physical and Mathematical Sciences Library (PAMS Library)

Subject Areas

  • Physical Sciences
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Patents and Trademarks

Display Areas

  • Two display cases (soon to be only one)
  • Patent computer and table
  • Notice boards by the entrance
Our two display tables are covered in a glass cases
Our patent desk includes a computer and handouts from the U S Patent and Trademark Office

Women in Science

We used materials from a previous display project

  • Women scientists in our subject areas
  • Women inventors
  • Supplemented displays

We also included materials for patrons and signs

  • Bibliography handouts
  • Bookmarks
  • Directional signs at the entrance
A book on Mary Somerville, a woman astronomer
A poster called Inventive Women includes patents

Black History Month

For Black History Month we focused on our patent collection set up on the patent computer table.  We also placed signs neary the entrance directing passersby to the display.

  • Print list of black inventors by state
  • Display of a patent by a black inventor from Pennsylvania

Room for Improvement

Next time our display space may be reduced or dispersed around the library.  We need to promote the displays better to attack more interest.  Using more interesting materials may be more effective.  Also it would be nice to coordinate with the entire University Libraries on a project.  We are open to suggestions.