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Selected Collections on Women’s History

Penn State Special Collections Library

“Voices of American Homemakers” Oral History Project Collection, 1977-1985 - Includes transcriptions of over 200 oral history interviews (indexed) of women in the National Extension Homemakers Council.

Esther C. Lawton Papers, 1935-1996 (bulk 1971-1978) - Lawton worked for various U.S. governmental agencies as a position classification analyst. Throughout her career, Esther Lawton was a champion of women's rights and fair criteria for advancement and promotion. A substantial proportion of the collection pertains to women's rights and the Equal Rights Amendment.

Women's Suffrage Collection, 1912-1920 - Leaflets, pamphlets, booklets, cartoons, newspaper clippings, articles, election maps, and other documents pertaining to the women’s suffrage movement in the United States, with a focus on activities in Pennsylvania.

Joan Huber Papers, 1961-2011 - 6.46 cubic feet of publications, research and reference files, including correspondence from her presidency of the Sociologists for Women in Society (1972-1974).

Diary of Ada M. Warner of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, 1873-1886 - Records short entries about her daily activities such as housekeeping, baking, cleaning, washing, sewing, quilting, farm activities (slaughtering hogs, birth of a calf, haying, picking fruit and nuts), social life (visiting friends and family; attending parties, dances, picnics, school, singing school, church, and lectures on freemasonry and temperance), and going to the Grange and graveyard.

Julia L. Maietta Papers, 1937-1981 (bulk 1964-1980) Documentation of Maietta’s career as a labor organizer, union representative, Democratic Party activist, and national labor and women's advocate.

Labor Serials Collection, 1900-1995 - Includes titles such as:(Union) Women's Alliance to Gain Equality (W.A.G.E), 1978-1980, 1981-1982.

New Left Pamphlet Collection, 1893-1973 (bulk 1963-1973) Includes titles such as:Women Workers, the Forgotten Third of the Working Class, 1968The Political Economy of Women's Liberation, 1969

Radical Pamphlets Collection, 1925-1975 - Includes titles such as:Elizabeth Gurley, Woman's Place-In the Fight for a Better World, 1947

Women's Student Government Association and Association of Women Students Records, 1910-1977 - Contains the constitutions, reports, minutes, and scrapbooks about this student organization for governance of women students.

Mary E. Godfrey Papers, 1940-1991 - Godfrey was hired as assistant professor of art education in 1957. At that time, she was the first full-time African American faculty member hired at Penn State. She served for 22 years, teaching courses in elementary and secondary art education, supervision, the history of art education, and introduction to crafts. Materials include artwork, classroom blueprints, course materials, photographs, and drawing manuals.

Judy Chicago Art Education Collection, 1970-2011Noted feminist artist, author, and educator. This collection consists of textual, photographic, graphic, and audio-visual materials related to her art and pedagogy, including The Dinner Party Curriculum.