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Women's Suffrage Display in the Social Sciences Library

This presentation was created by Heather Ross, Social Science Library.

Topic of the presentation:

  • 88th Anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment by Tennessee (august 26, 1920).

"The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex."


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  • Facts
  • PSUL electronic and print resources


Interesting Images:

Images courtesy of Library of COngress American memory project (

Famous suffragette in sepia, sitting in a workhouse, looking tired

Miss Lucy Burns....

Library of Congress:

Woman leaving her house, leaving a man and two crying babies behind

A suffrage Cartoon, originally published before 1919...

Library of Congress:


Women's Suffrage: Earning the Right to Vote


1776: NJ gives the vote to women owning more than $250. Later the state reconsidered and women were no longer allowed to vote.

1837: KY gives some women suffrage in school elections

1861: KS enters the Union; the new state gives its women the right to vote in local school elections

1869: WY territory constitution grants women the right to vote and hold public office

1870: UT territory gives full suffrage to women

1893: The male electorate in CO votes "yes" on woman suffrage

1894: Some cities in KY and OH give women the vote in school board elections

1895: UT amends its constitution to grant women suffrage

1896: ID adopts a constitution to grant women suffrage

1902: KY repeals limited schoool board election voting rights for women.



Electronic Resources

Top heading of the databases for primary sources for women's suffrage
Diary entry from an anonymous American woman, written October 2, 1920

"Great day. Up later as per usuasl. Baked a pie just after F. went. Washed out a shirt of his. Dusted and cleaned to perfection. Then I cleaned up and went down quite a distance on 63rd to do a little shopping. Called on Mrs Goss. Also went to register to vote but I won't be in the county long enough to vote for president this time. Peeved too. Had a nice long letter from home made me feel kind of sad. Also received a picture from M. Painter and a box of eggs and cookies from home."



Print Resources

cover of a book in the library collection about women's suffrage

JF851.H28 2000
Social Sciences Library
Reference Collection

cover of a book in the reference collection about the suffrage movement

JN979.C73 1999
Social Sciences Library
Reference Collection