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Publications of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

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Bulletins: The Bulletins present accounts of original research and frequently are not limited to the presentation of the results of a single research project, but may contain a number of research papers on related topics. They were issued by the Mineral Industries Experiment Station from 1922 to 1974.

Circulars: Mineral Industires Experiment Station Circulars present reviews of research in progress, reports of scientific information presented at technical meetings, and other matters of interest concerning the E&MS College. These were issued from 1929 to 1970.

Technical Papers: These consist of copies of papers published in scientific journals that were distributed by the Mineral Industries Experiment Station. These were issued from 1932 to 1953.

Contributions:  Similar to the technical papers series, this series consisted of reprints of articles published primarily in the 1940s. The Contributions series from the Department of Geology are listed on the Miscellaneous page.

Special Publications: These are generally publications of large tables of data or other information of interest which originates at the Experiment Station. (TN24.P4P45)

Office of Naval Research Technical Reports: These reports were part of contracts from 1948-1957. 

Report of Research on Pennsylvania's Coal Resources. Working and Interim Reports:  These preliminary reports of research were published from 1957-1972. The individual contract reports within each Working and Interim report are very identical in content, with the former series containing financial information about the contract. Upon completion of the research, results were published in the Special Research report series.

Special Research Reports:  These were largely prepared for the Pennsylvania Coal Research Board.  They were issued from 1957 - 1993. (TP325.P45)

Coal Research Section Technical Reports: Reports proposed under contract to the United States Department of Energy from 1975 - 1980. (TN800.P45)

Progress Reports: The Mineral Industries Experiment Station performed some joint research with others in the oil industry in the 1930s through 50s related to oil recovery. Their findings were recorded in these project reports, and the J-2 reports included the proceedings of the annual technical meetings of the Bradford District Research Group.

Seismographic Reports from the Mineral Industries Experiment Station: The Mineral Experiment Station established a seismological station in November 1934 and have been releasing reports semi-annually to annually throughout the years.

Glass Science Bulletin: This journal was active from 1944-1947 and contained the annual report of the director of the Glass science research foundation located in the School of mineral industries of the Pennsylvania state college. The journal was also known as the Progress Report of Glass Science.

Miscellaneous: Books, newsletters and other publications

       Index to Mineral Industries: A listing of articles in the Mineral Industries publication by author, name, and subject.



Dissertations, Theses, and Papers

Throughout the years, departments have been renamed, merged, split, created, and dissolved. This listing of departmental name changes in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences is a subset of the index of departmental name changes.

EMS Department Theses Listings

These materials represent the capstone works of the College of EMS students. Although they are not publications of the College per se, they are listed here.