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Three Mile Island 2

Three Mile Island Videotapes/DVDs

There are approximately 3700 videotapes in the collection and they document the various stages of the cleanup project from the decontamination of the reactor building to the removal of the damaged reactor core. The videotapes are indexed in the videotape database.  Several hundred of the videotape records have abstracts, but most only give basic descriptive data. A number of the videotapes have been transferred to DVD format and this is noted in the database records.

FRAGILE MATERIAL NOTICE: Not all of the videotapes are available for viewing or copying. Many have become too fragile to be used. Requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Aerial of Three Mile Island

Using Videotapes On-site

On-site use requires a three week advance notice since most of the videotapes are stored in remote facilities and must be retrieved and cleaned before use.

Obtaining Copies of Videotapes

  1. Copies of videotapes or DVDs from the collection MAY NOT be posted on the web.
  2. Copies of videotapes and DVDs may be requested via email or phone. The library will duplicate these materials at cost plus a shipping and handling charge.

For more information on the collection or to schedule a visit, contact:
Jacqueline Esposito
Special Collections Library
122 Paterno Library
University Park, PA 16802
814-863-3791 (