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Google Books Project at Penn State


Project Feedback Form

Lisa German
Associate Dean for Collections Information and Access Services
510 Paterno Library
University Park, PA 16802

Ann Snowman
Head, Access Services
208-B Paterno Library
University Park, PA 16802

Mike Furlough
Associate Dean for Research and Scholarly Communications
510 Paterno Library
University Park, PA 16802

Google-Authors Settlement Resources


General Resources


Chronological Resources





  • BackTalk: Free (or Fee) to All? by Richard K. Johnson (12/23/08)

    "Control over library collections, once guided by the values of learning and research, is now a commercial matter. Goodbye free, hello fee."

  • Questions Raised About Google Library Project’s Impact On Knowledge Access by William New (11/26/08)

    "What has been heralded as a breakthrough in the digitisation of human knowledge is also raising questions about how most humans will access that knowledge, according to an expert in copyright and the public interest."

  • A Guide for the Perplexed: Libraries and the Google Library Project Settlement by Jonathan Band (.pdf) (11/13/08)

    Released by the American Library Association and the Association of Research Libraries, "to help the library community better understand the terms and conditions of the recent settlement agreement between Google, the Authors Guild, and the Association of American Publishers concerning Google’s scanning of copyrighted works."