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University Libraries Green Team

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The Penn State University Libraries Green Team was created to provide leadership for "green" initiatives and to promote environmental sustainability in the University Libraries.

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What Can you do?

Visit the Green Exchange, a Free-cycle for the Libraries at University Park.  If your office has extra supplies (such as file folders or toner cartridges) no longer needed, post a brief description of the item, along with whom to contact and how.  Once you've received a request, send or deliver the item and delete your posting.  It's that easy!

Learn how to Live Green at PSU! Check out the Office of Sustainability's tips for being green on campus.

Sign your department up for the Green Paws program.It's a simple, yet effective way for faculty and staff to "green" their workspace and earn a Green Paws Office Certification for their efforts.

Green your library event! To purchase supplies for a department funded event, biodegradable supplies can be found in the General Stores catalog. Here are some suggested itmes.

1.  12 oz hot cups, 1/ct - Item #A7PLC-12-S1
2.  Forks, 1/ct - Item #A7CPLA-002-S
3.  Knife, 1/ct - Item #A7CPLA-001-S
4.  Spoon, 1/ct - Item #A7CPLA-003-S
5.  9" plates, 1/ct - Item #A7P013R
6.  7" plates, 1/ct - Item #A7P011R
7.  Napkins Natural 500pk, 1/pk - Item #A713705

Local grocery stores and the Factory Card and Party Outlet on Benner Pike also carry a limited supply of earth-friendly party materials.


Upcoming Green Events!

Be sure to check the calendar at for all sustainability-related events!


Take advantage of all Penn State has to offer with these programs

Community Gardens at Penn State: The community garden site provides students and community members the chance to attend workshops and put in practice local and organic food production methods. Currently, more than 100 gardeners practice sustainable and organic gardening techniques on this site.

GridSTAR Center: The Grid Smart Training and Application Resource (GridSTAR ) Center’s mission is to provide continuing education and train-the-trainer programs in advanced power systems design, energy economics, cyber security, distributed energy systems and building-vehicle-grid systems. The Center also complements the new Clean Energy Application Center and Solar Education and Training Centers initiated by Penn State in 2009.

HyRES Lab: The Hybrid and Renewable Energy Systems (HyRES) lab is a new facility on the Penn State University campus and the Penn State Sustainability Institute. The HyRES lab is utilized to study energy related technologies and strategies on the residential scale.

MorningStar Solar Home: The MorningStar Solar Home is a net-zero home: it produces as much (and even more) energy as it consumes. It is currently used in sustainable housing education efforts through research and outreach activities. The MorningStar Solar Home is about to be integrated in the Penn State HyRES Lab and will serve as a residence for a graduate student to test the house systems in real life conditions.

National Energy Leadership Corps: This is a consortium of universities and industries whose purpose is to train and mobilize a cadre of energy savvy student leaders. The NELC student assessors provide effective leadership education and energy assessments to furnish implementation plans for U.S. homeowners interested in saving energy and money.

Northern Mid-Atlantic Solar Education and Resource Center: By engaging a broad spectrum of stakeholders, the Pennsylvania State University’s Mid-Atlantic Solar Resource and Training Center supports a comprehensive training infrastructure for design, installation, commissioning, service and sales of both solar PV and solar heating and cooling technologies.

Sustainable Communities Collaborative: The Sustainable Communities Collaborative (SCC) is the University’s strategic platform and opportunity to develop innovative University/community-based collaborations that engage PSU faculty and students in existing courses from across the University through real world, community-identified sustainability projects.


Learn about more programs through the Office of Sustainability  

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Great Resources!

Watt meters available for checkout! Ever wonder how much electricity your appliances use even when you're not using them? Find out by checking out a watt meter from the Earth and Mineral Sciences library, Life Sciences Libray or Music and Media Center.  Find them in the CAT or read more about them.

Recycle batteries, food containers, and more.

Calling all campuses! Do you want to start recycling your withdrawn books? How about just get more information on local recycling? Check out our list of regional resources!

Love to read or watch media about all things green? Here's a quick list of books and videos in our collections.

Get more insight on sustainability by check out the Office of Sustainability's website.

Check out our Sustainability Research Guide