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Minutes (staff only)

Alumni Library


Alumni Library Editorial and Management Board

Purpose of Alumni Library

To keep Penn State Alumni engaged with the University Libraries through special access to resources and vibrant content, especially digital content, and news that is of interest to them. This initiative is a partnership with Penn State Alumni Association.


Vicki Brightbill
Matt Francis
Brent Hurley
Sue Kellerman (Chair)
Mary Lou Patrick
Jill Shockey


  1. Identify electronic resources that would be useful for alumni, and provide annotated links to this content.  Negotiate on behalf of alumni for access to licensed content.  Monitor budgetary commitments for these resources.  
  2. Identify events and news content at all campuses that would be of interest to alumni, and provide links to this information.
  3. Solicit content providers from among the Libraries' faculty and staff.  
  4. Keep PSUL faculty and staff aware of alumni benefits.
  5. Partner with the Alumni Association on fostering the use of the Alumni Library, including the development of promotional materials.  
  6. Monitor and assess Web site traffic and respond to mailbox inquiries.
  7. Report Alumni Library activities to the Dean of University Libraries and Scholarly Communications and the Executive Director of the Penn State Alumni Association annually in August.