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University of Rochester, River Campus Libraries Studies 

At the University of Rochester, River Campus Libraries, we have been using an anthropologist, Dr. Nancy Fried Foster, to help us study ourusers since 2003. Our first faculty work practice study was in 2003-04and it really looked at how faculty did their research and the ways inwhich those work practices did and did not align with our currentinstitutional repository. The findings of that project can be found inD-Lib Magazine(

Faculty were also part of a study we conducted focusing on how peoplesearch for information. The findings of this study are informing thefunctionality and specifications for an open source software system thatwill search across various silos of information that are typically foundin a library (eXtensible Catalog project The book on those user studies willbe published by ACRL in about 6 months. In the meantime, there is areport that is available in our repository called "What Researchers Do:A Report on User Research for the eXtensible Catalog"

Susan Gibbons
Vice Provost
Andrew H. & Janet Dayton Neilly Dean River Campus Libraries
University of Rochester