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CMS Manual

CMS Intranet Authoring



The intranet will no longer reside on a separate, secure server and will no longer be a complete, separate, hierarchical site.  Instead, CQ5 has been configured to require cosign authentication and membership in the University Libraries Employee Directory for any page residing in a folder titled: intranet.  This is true in the main page hierarchy, within forms and in the DAM.


Top level intranet pages:

The top level intranet pages will be a set of tabbed pages predominantly containing dynamically generated lists of links.  The dynamic links are generated from page metadata.  For this reason, it is critical that all authors of intranet pages pay close attention to metadata tagging their pages.  All pages created in the Intranet must include (Staff Only) in the title of the page. 


Other intranet pages:

The remainder of the intranet will consist of protected pages created under your library, department or group’s content area.

If you want to create a landing page to organize your intranet content you may. Alternately you can simply put links to your intranet content on your public pages Make sure that all links on public pages contain the text:  “(Staff Only)” after the link text.



As long as you are authorized as an author for your site, you already have the permissions necessary to create the intranet folder and to author additional intranet pages. 


Site Index:

Web Steering guidelines state that all intranet content be excluded from the site index.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your intranet pages do not show up in the site


Search Results:

It is very important to distinguish intranet content from public content in search results.  To do this you are required to include the suffix “(Staff Only)” in the page title of ALL intranet pages.



Intranet Guidelines Table of Contents

1.      Site Structure

  •          Web content
  •          Dam
  •          Forms

2.      Page naming conventions

3.      Using the Navigation w/tabs template

4.      Metadata

5.      Things to remember



Place the new intranet folder directly under your current department folder and for Title type Department Name Intranet (uppercase), and for the Name type intranet (all lowercase).  Next, choose the Open, Navigation or Navigation w/tabs template.  Click Create.


See Creating a Page

(  for more instructions.

You have the choice of three templates you want to use to create the new intranet page: Open, Navigation or Navigation w/tabs.

Please enter your alt text.



No Intranet pages will be included in the site index.  When creating a new page in the Intranet, you must hide the page in navigation.  To do this highlight the page you want to edit, right click and choose Properties.  Under the Basic tab choose Hide in Navigation

Please enter your alt text.



Page Header

In addition to adding (staff only) to the name of the page when creating content, you will also need to add (Staff Only) to the page header for every page.  To do this click on the Page Header component and select edit.  In the title field, add your department title and (Staff Only) to the page.

Please enter your alt text.



Digital Asset Manager (DAM)

All digital assets for the Intranet will follow the same rules as above.  First, place a new intranet folder directly under your current library, department or group folder and name the folder intranet, all lowercase.

Place all intranet content into that folder



Navigation w/tabs template

A new template for use in creating a page in CQ5 is the Navigation w/tabs template.  When creating a new page, click the PSUL Navigation with Tabs Template, give a title and name to the page and click create. 

1.)    Click on Edit above tab1

Please enter your alt text.

2.)    Enter the names of your tabs and click OK

3.)    Depending on what tab you want content on drag the component to that tab and edit as normal.

NOTE: There is no column control component needed.

When you are finished the page should look like this

Please enter your alt text.



Metadata Tags for Intranet

Because the top level of our new intranet is comprised almost entirely of dynamic content generated from metadata tags it is critical to tag your pages properly.  Follow the instructions below.


Department, Library or Group

Tag intranet landing pages when you have additional site structure with the Department, Library or Group tag. 
If you only have a page or two scattered throughout your site, these probably do not constitute an intranet site and you won’t have a landing page.  There is no need to tag these.



Tag all landing pages for your intranet training sites and subsites with the Training metadata tag.


Tag all forms pages with your Department, Library or Group tag and the Forms tag.


Tag all landing pages related to technology with the Technology tag as well as your Library, Department or Group tag.

Please enter your alt text.



Top Items to remember for Intranet Authoring:

1.)    Tag your pages!

2.)    Always add (Staff Only) to all pages in the Intranet

3.)    Create an Intranet folder (if not already created in both the DAM and CMS under your department folder.

4.)    Only use the Open, Navigation or Navigation w/tabs templates in the Intranet.

5.)    Remember to follow web steering standard and guidelines whenever create a web page.