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CSAG: Collection Allocations Team

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Collection Services Advisory Group

Anne Langley, Chair

Martha Ney, Administrative Support

Collections Allocations

The Collections Allocations Team Leader will lead a small group to devise a new method for making collection allocations. It is anticipated that this will be an 18 month long process with the goal of having a new allocation method in place beginning FY 2014.

The Team Leader will lead a small group that will:

  • Gain an understanding of the current collections budget structure
  • Benchmark collections budget allocation methods with our peer institutions
  • Examine LibQUAL data and the new LibQUAL Trifold data that pertains to collections
  • Devise a collections allocation model that reflects the priorities of the University and the University Libraries

Want to learn more about what the team is doing? Check out their wiki space!


Collections Allocations Team membership:

  • Greg Crawford, Team Leader
  • Dawn Childress
  • Jennifer Gilley
  • John Meier


Collections Allocations Team documents: