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CSAG: RCR Collections Advisory Group

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Collection Services Advisory Group

Anne Langley, Chair

Martha Ney, Administrative Support

Ellysa Cahoy, Angela Davis, Kevin Harwell, Janet Hughes, Chuck Jones, Jeff Knapp, John Meier, Linda Musser, Nonny Schlotzhauer

Anne Langley

One year, may be reappointed or reconfigured as needed.

The RCR Collections Group is charged with providing leadership in addressing collections issues that impact the RCR Department. The group will provide overall direction in ensuring that RCR meets its strategic priorities in the area of collection development.

Activities will include:

  • Monitoring activities of Collections Advisory Group to make recommendations for agenda items and to respond to activities of that group
  • Advising RCR Head and the Collections Advisory Group on any collections issues that are important to the department
  • Providing a unified voice to convey RCR collection priorities to upper administration
  • Reviewing collections portion of the departmental tactical plan and providing guidance on future strategic planning for both the department and the UL
  • Making specific purchase proposals
  • Addressing the end of year research funds issue and recommending alternatives to current practices
  • Determining and conveying departmental priorities in the areas of scholarly communications/repository services/digital projects/data curation, and providing a unified voice to carry these priorities/projects forward
  • Planning and sponsoring forums or other activities to gain input from subject librarians and to disseminate information to RCR, the Libraries, or the University.
  • Self-selecting leader or leaders to schedule meetings/set agenda/report back
  • Providing ongoing assessment of the group structure/activities and provide recommendations on adapting group as necessary
  • Addressing anything the group decides for itself that is important in any area of collections

Wants List Form, form drafted 10/31/11