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Sandy Confer,

Dean's Library Council (DLC) is the administrative group of the University Libraries responsible for Libraries' wide policies and decisions.  Membership consists of department heads and assistant/associate deans.  The Council is chaired by the Dean. 

Contact the group at:  ul-deans-library-council


  1. Note: Agenda items are to be submitted by noon on the Friday preceding the meeting. We will accept the concept of consensus.  When we come to consensus, we will support the agreement outside of DLC.  We will deal with our problems, disagreements, questions about decisions within this group (not outside).
  2. Come to the table with ideas; come to the meetings prepared to discuss or present agenda items. 
  3. Actively participate and contribute; active listening will be promoted. 
  4. Propose ideas, alternative solutions.
  5. Bring proposals, discussion papers, etc., to start discussion. 
  6. Use an agenda, all of us contribute. 
  7. Take time for reflection and discussion. 
  8. Each of us will “work our arena” to bring the staff’s perspective to the discussion. 
  9. Respect each other’s differences; maintain civility and demonstrate respect for others.  
  10. Use techniques that will appeal to the different preferences. 
  11. Contribute to meeting facilitation. 
  12. OK to address issues (address issues, not the person).  There are no taboo topics with these exceptions:  we will not discuss the performance of individuals; and we will respect all individuals’ right to privacy. 
  13. We will encourage and support experimentation, risk taking, and the development of new ideas.  It is OK to make mistakes, it is OK to experiment.
  14. It is OK to say “I don’t know.” 
  15. We will work our best to eliminate side conversations. 
  16. In brainstorming sessions, there will be no bad ideas. 
  17. Openness and honesty are essential. 
  18. We will promote trust among individuals and among our departments and divisions. 
  19. Every member must be committed to the good of the Libraries. 
  20. Members should be conscious of their non-verbal behaviors. 
  21. There are some topics that are confidential, and members of the group must not breach this. 
  22. Members will seek both interim and final closure on discussion items.