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Penn State University Libraries

Note: In 2010 DISC evolved to become DOT.  See DISC Minutes link on left sidebar. 


DOT will coordinate, manage, and execute as appropriate programs, projects and activities involving on-going digital content production, design, delivery, and management as directed by ECSC.  Members of DOT will perform these activities as part of their regular assignments, but as a whole DOT will:

  1. Develop processes and best practices which include project planning, setting time lines, and calculating resource projections for all standard digitization projects as well as platform upgrades, testing, analysis, and quality management.
  2. Ensure ongoing communication with stakeholders, including project sponsors, department heads, project leaders and the ECSC.
  3. Develop and/or implement standard on-going reporting processes for collections analysis and usage, resource tracking.
  4. Create, review and provide technical, cataloging and preservation assessments for proposed projects, coordinating with DCRT and project stakeholders.

First year activities:

  1. Define and document processes and best practices such as project plans, resource projections, and resolution of problem reports or other inquiries.
  2. Implement reporting processes for collections usage, analysis, resource tracking.
  3. Review and redesign collection access portals.
  4. Execute digitization programs and projects prioritized by DCRT and ECSC.
  5. Analyze proposed digitization programs and projects and execute those prioritized by ECSC.

It is anticipated that DOT will meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Reporting Structure

The committee will report to e-Content Stewardship Council (ECSC).

Terms of Appointment

Each member will be appointed for one year, with an option for reappointment.

Members and their roles

  • Kevin Clair - Co-chair, metadata creation and general cataloging oversight.
  • Sue Kellerman - Co-chair, digitization, collection preservation and general project oversight.
  • Mike Giarlo - Digital Architect and platform functionality.
  • Patricia Hswe - Content functionality, assessment, usability and interface oversight.
  • Christy Long - Systems and storage.
  • Albert Rozo - Production scanning, ingest, content maintenance, digital preservation.
  • Karen Schwentner - Interface design, implementation, and maintenance, statistics.

         Cheri Banks - Administrative support