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Penn State University Libraries

Attention: The work of this team is complete; the team is no longer active. (December, 2013)


Appointed by: Lisa German and Mairéad Martin

Co-chairs: Lynn Garrison and Cynthia Robinson

Membership: Becky Albitz, Joni Barnoff, Chris Holobar, Jaime Jamison, Linda Klimczyk, and Amanda Maple

Charge: One of Penn State’s strategic goals is to make Penn State a global University with a strategy of focusing on partnerships. These partnerships may require access to library resources by patrons who are not conventional Penn State patrons. It is important that we have a better understanding of how to support these needs as soon as we can. This project will align with work emerging from the InC-Library group, a national collaboration between multiple institutions of Higher Education to enhance IAM methods to library services and electronic resources. This project will entail analysis and recommendations. It will not entail development of new production services or changes to existing production services.

Project Goals:  

  1. Shared understanding of IAM mechanisms, issues, and policies. 
  2. Development of a white paper with recommendations for enhancing IAM for UL electronic resources.

The project will follow these steps:

  1. Articulate appropriate use cases for enhanced IAM for Penn State UL electronic resources, both internal and external. Examples include: a) IAM for electronic reserves, including music reserves; b) IAM for “walk-in” patrons; c) IAM for resources via EZproxy; and d) IAM issues arising from multiple licensing agreements with a single vendor. 
  2. Extract requirements from use cases. 
  3. Analyze requirements against existing and emerging IAM mechanisms, such as Web Access and Shibboleth. 
  4. Develop recommendations and next steps for enhancing IAM for electronic resources.  

Deadline/duration: June 30, 2010