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Penn State University Libraries

Fee Schedule
   (Approved July, 2014)


Originally charged as the Fee Task Force in 1998, the group evolved to an ongoing committee in 2001.  Membership includes a representative from each area responsible for charging fees within the Libraries, i.e., Access Services, Reference, Collections & Research, Special Collections, Preservation, MTSS, and Administration. 

The team meets annually to review and revise the Libraries' Fee Structure, review and recommend changes to Libraries' fee policies and guidelines in collaboration with the units the members represent.  All recommendations are submitted to the Dean's Library Council for review and approval prior to being sent to the Corporate Controller's Office. 

Fee Review Team Members include:

Kimlyn Patishnock, Chair
Sandy Confer
Greg Berky
Bill Bishop
Jackie Esposito
Sherry Roth
Ron Harman
Chris Holobar
Pam Hough
Sue Kellerman
Ann Snowman


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Updated: 2/11/13