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Penn State University Libraries

Determination of Library Hours at University Park is coordinated and published by the Access Services Department.  To inform the determination of hours that best meets the needs of our primary constituents and is fiscally realistic, the Review Committee is asked to:

  • Evaluate the available data (room counts, patron counts, exit counts, circulation and reference activity, etc.) against the most recent year’s calendar and recommend to the sponsors a schedule of hours for the coming year.  The recommendation will also take into account new and anticipated changes in service models. 
  • Consult with appropriate constituencies among the Libraries’ administrative units to ensure that sufficient data and observation has been gathered to inform their recommendations.

Scope:  Includes a schedule to encompass both 24-hour areas and areas that do not extend services for 24 hours; may assume minimal staffing for non-peak time periods, may suggest reduced entry points for non-peak times,  will include reading periods, final exam periods,  holidays and breaks, are not required to be uniform among the branch libraries. 

Appointed and sponsored by:  Associate Deans:  Mike Furlough, Research and Scholarly Communications;  Lisa German, Collections Information and Access Services;  Jack Sulzer, Undergraduate and Learning Services; and Public Services Department Heads: Joe Fennewald, Knowledge Commons; Tim Pyatt,  Special Collections; Loanne Snavely, Library Learning Services;  Ann Snowman, Access Services; and Gary White,  Reference, Collections and Research.