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NSF DMP requirement

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What the NSF requirement boils down to:

The NSF data management plan requirement is basically a document supplementary to the proposal that answers these questions:

  • What data will be generated by the project?
  • How will the data be managed?

The answers to the questions get unpacked by looking at this subset of issues:

  • types of data
  • standards for the data (e.g., metadata formats)
  • policies for sharing and access
  • usage rights for the data - this regards re-use, re-distribution, creation of derivatives
  • plans for archiving and preservation (for continuing access)
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DMP guidance

Templates and Tutorials

DMP examples

Examples of DMPs

UC San Diego (from Research Cyberinfrastructure site)

DMP for proposal for Division of Ocean Sciences

DMP for a proposal in physical oceanography

DMP for proposal for CARE platform (involves public health related data)

DMP for proposal for experimental psychology research (doc), to crosscutting NSF/NIH program, Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience

University of Wisconsin-Madison (from Research Data Services site)

Data plan for Nitrogen Cycle Card Game

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