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Penn State University Libraries

Attention: The work of this council is complete; the council is no longer active. (December, 2013) 


Sponsor:  Gary White

Chairs:  Dawn Childress (co-chair 2011-2012), Dawn Amsberry (co-chair 2011-2013)

Membership:  Anne Behler (2010-2012), Daniel Hickey (2011-2012), John Meier (2011-2013), Heather Dohn-Ross (2011-2013), Tim AuMan (2011-2013), Joe Fennewald (2011-2013), Michelle Belden (2011-2013) The Council has rotating leadership and membership with one co-chair continuing each year and about one-half of the core members being replaced each year.

Charge: The Reference and Consultation Services Council is the leadership team responsible for creating a coordinated and cohesive approach to reference and consultation services at University Park. The Council will broadly engage our faculty and staff through its cross-departmental membership, by appointing action teams to address specific issues, and by fostering dialogue about our user services. In meeting this charge, the Council will:

  1. Provide leadership in planning and developing reference services in the Knowledge Commons in conjunction with relevant departments (RCR, LLS, Special Collections, etc.).
  2. Work with Virtual Reference Team and relevant departments to integrate virtual reference services/Library H3lp into a comprehensive suite of reference services at University Park.
  3. Develop policies, standards, and core competencies that emphasize service excellence, and that bring us into conformity with existing national guidelines for reference services.
  4. Track national trends and identify best practices in reference and user services that can be implemented at University Park.
  5. Liaison with the Services Training groups to ensure that our training program aligns with our standards, policies and core competencies.
  6. Explore and recommend methods to broadly assess reference services.
  7. Sponsor forums and other outlets to broadly discuss and disseminate information about reference services throughout the Libraries.
  8. Review existing tactical plan and update during spring 2012.

The Council is encouraged to develop small action teams to address specific issues that can include members outside of the Council. Co-chairs will meet regularly with the sponsor to provide an update of Council activities. Sponsor will address any resource needs identified by the Council.

Updated: 9/14/11